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“So verbringt man die meiste Zeit des Lebens – wartend.”

Mein alter Lateinlehrer


And he was right, most of the time, at least over the last three days, I spent waiting. I was waiting to get out of the house, forĀ  bus and tram and until I was next in line. “We’ll call you.” Later I was sent to level + 3 and waited for a bed and a person to tell me things. I got something to eat what I did not expect. Later I waited for a phone to be operated and for a sleeping pill.

The next day was an orgy of waiting from early morning onwards. Finally a man showed up and told me that the wait was over and we waited for the lift, in the dressing room and where it happened. To start. And to end. Afterwards the same route back. But I was denied the sleeping pill because it must be waited for some hours afterwards – and because they slammed a sandack on parts of my body to keep the guts in. After that I got one milligram sweet sleep.

Today it was waiting for the letter, tram and bus, to see the family doc, a phone call and finally for the wine to chill.

I always was on time.





An old idea is to find by photographic means the “typical face”. I remember to have seen pictures of so called “born criminals” that were “overlayed”, profected over each other, and in the 20s and 30s there was Lendvai-Dircksen with her books about the “Volksgesicht”. (See an article here).
What would come out with faces of evil persons projected over each other? Whose face should be used? Hitler, Stalin, Fritzl, Pol Pot, Amin, Manson … Maybe an artist already did that. You have an idea?


Silver, not round but elliptical, shrinking, clouds like ink in water. Hours ago, over the horizon it was fat and yellow.
A yard around, bluish-redish-gray. Noninvolved, neutral, distant. It just is. And doesn’t care. Like death.