Award and Truth

Leah gave me an award, the “Sexy Blogger Award”. She even went as far as calling me a “sexy intellectual”. As Ms Bankhead once remarked: “I’ve been called many things, but never an intellectual”, and I must ad, I never thought about myself as one, or a even sexy one. Maybe I have this look …*
Intellectuals (Ger., Eng.) are generally people who tend to think, and make a living from this. It’s of no real matter whether they are right or wrong, they can be ivory-towered out of touch with everyday-life recluses or shrewd business-men. I confess, that I have difficulties with numbers. Examples of intellectuals of any variety can be found nearly anywhere over the world, in Germany, Arabia, China (pdf), India (here in Bengal news) – despite Posner’s announcement that the public intellectual is on the brink of extinction, the species seems to be long-lived, even hard-boiled. The public intellectual is a Sonderform and has to fulfill a role in society, even a responsibility, as Mr.Chomsky put it here.
Generally intellectuals have to live from the productions of their brain (Ger., Eng.), which comes in different sizes and took a long development. My own brain can be seen on the following photograph; I think it’s average, at least they found nothing special when they examined it some years ago.

The Mago Brain

Mind and brain (Ger., Eng.) form a special relationship. For example I thought it to be a good idea to have a photograph of my head here: My brain aroused the picture of the flowing lion’s mane in my mind – the sad truth came like a shock:

Pantoffeltierchen? Paramecium?
Mago on top: Sad consequence of deforestation

To wear the badge with pride I have to tell five things that may be considered to make my blog a sexy one. I think it goes like this:
1) I am taking myself not too serious, and can laugh about myself.
2) I am interested in my readers.
3) I can make people smile and think.
4) I tend to think by myself.
5) I am interested in a lot of things.

Thank you Leah!

* Nice quotation-site with quotations about intelligence and intellectuals here. Woody Allen remarked: “I’ve never been an intellectual but I have this look.”