This may be a bit of a meandering post. Like what blogger Joyce once described as “rabbit holes” when she remembered a teacher, who would start at one point explaining, getting lost in the shrub of references, only to finally re-surface somewhere else – like the rabbit peeping out of the hole.
Übersprungshandlung (Ger., Eng.) describes an action that is out of context, born out of indecisiveness ; animals may all of a sudden make a gesture that is not connected with their actual conduct, like e.g. picking the ground as if they’d pick up some food, while they are actually involved in a fight. I think old LORENZ (the one with the grey geese) used this word. The concept may be a bit outdated nowadays, but I have no clue about ethology.
I just had felt the need to hoover my appartement. Did the dishes this morning – while I still had some clean glasses & cups left, mind you ! This afternoon I felt the urgent need to take used glass bottles to the container. Is the universe trying to tell me something ?
I have rearranged, updated and generally checked on my rss-feeds via GoodNoos, a very nice and convenient thing when it works correctly. What allows me to de-clutter the bookmarks in my browser, so that I have a chance to find articles & stuff I bookmarked “to read later”. What never happens, usually – “to be read later” seems to be nothing else but the stuff one collects for the Übersprungshandlung, the buried nuts for winter time, terrible time of torpor.
A strange year, a strange summer. It’s all two weeks too early. The crop is nearly ready for harvesting here, in some parts of Germany they already have started to reap the grain last week, in mid-June.
Oh dear, where are the bookmines when you need them ?
Nulla extra bibliothecam salus.
It’s astoundingly quiet now all around – ah, yes, kicking the ball, howcouldIforget … so let’s try to be positive.


Running Around

The last days brought real November weather. It’s cold, foggy in the morning, wet in the evening. In Middlefranconia, as I was told by a friendly person, it already froze over and country roads became a bit dangerous, especially around the Altmühlsee (Ger.). Not what I wanted to hear. No news from the bookmines so far.
Colourful dots move through the greyish brownish vineyards. They come up the valley on the paved way next to the creek, take a sharp bent to the right, and go up a gradient climbing out of the small valley; first it’s steep, then follows a long straight continuously leading upwards. I am used to walk these paths, but in the opposite direction. It’s the first Wengertslauf (Weinbergrennen), and at 14:00 they started the main event, they’ll run 7,4 kilometers. Respect, I couldn’t do this.
Instead I rummaged through my appartement and cleaned the room I sleep in. Books needed to be put back into the shelves, I should go to the library and return some. Maybe I’ll iron some shirts … normally I am not bad at waiting, but this time it gets a bit to my nerves. Regarding the business this was a bad year; a lot of regular customers had no jobs to give out. F.e. a lady in Munich now travels to Franconian archives – the large ones at least – by herself, as she says she can not afford to have me doing it like it was good practice over the last years. A publishing house we used to work for, one that really still had a human corrector, now changed their workflow, after the Lektor retired. We used to jump in when he was on vacancy or there was real much to read – now they do not need this kind of quality control anymore. And so on.
The runners seem to have finished, the piste workers in shock orange are gone. Time for the runners to shower, in half an hour they will receive their certificates, photos will appear in the local newspaper tomorrow, online this evening latest, another socially enhancing community experience, well done.