The Overlords Do Not Love Me

And I do not love them. I hereby solemnly declare that I am too dumb to use “gargle”. Some years ago I finally gave in and accepted a “smart” “phone”, a nice small computer that can be used to telephone too. It came with an operating system that grew out of the gargle scrub (others like to call this an digital “ecosystem”) – hence one needs a gargle account to use that phone. I gnashingly accepted, and created such an account, and of course forgot all about it.
And because it is the product of a worldwide Korean conglomerate one can use the in-built browser, and whatnot, and at least try to (successfully) avoid the gargle octopus.
The phone btw works fine, and does what it is meant to do. The browser is good, and I happily kicked out the other stuff – without any (visible) problem, I may ad. I very seldom use that browser in question.
Now the gargle overlords want people to verify their age when they try to visit these terrible, smutty places in the blogger sphere. I finally gave in, the call of the smut was stronger than my stand against gargle.
So in my childish imagination I guessed : Hey, there is already an account with my name on it ; I can use it, see what is possible, maybe even create a blogger blog for convenience, and finally look at those forbidden blogs.
I forgot the password.
Of course I forgot the password – it’s three years ago, and I never intended to use that damn account back then. So I tried to log in – yes : There is always some option for idiots like me, just follow the instructions.
I followed.
I got tits up, ran aground, whatever fine figure of speech you can find, personally I prefer “I ran against a wall”.
It started with gargle telling me that “cookies are not allowed on your computer”, what is bullshit according to my browser’s settings that allow cookies, they are only killed when I close the program. So I used another browser, (“PaleMoon” if you need to know, one of the last “stand-alone” (no cloud) browsers), and here I got a step further. But it was not possible to set a new password.
So I used my phone, and I was given – remarkably fast – a kind of replacement log-in via sms. What lead me to a screen asking for my password. I tried this several times, with the last one I remembered (wasn’t I even asked for this ?), with something new, just to be told that it is not workable, ended up nowhere.
The last screen on my computer told me that “I try to log in from a machine / device gargle does not know“, so try something else. They could have had it a little shorter with a simple “Get lost !”. Someone should re-write their messages.
That was it then : I admit defeat.
I am too dumb to use this software, I am obviously too dumb to reach my “own” account, and / or to reset a password. All this hopping through hoops took the better part of this afternoon, before I had to leave for work, and this evening, after I had returned from work. I am too dumb for this, and happily admire all those people for whom it is basically nothing but a snap to solve such problems. And frankly : Gargle does not have to “know” my computer, what ever that means.
Maybe I need to start from scratch, and set up a gargle account for Hans Depp. (Hans Arsch may already be taken, it seems to be the standard gargle account’s name.)


Gargel Does It Again

Oh yes. I wanted to visit the blog of a certain Canadienne. There is the usual warning, and one has a choice to continue or not, to see those “sensible” contents / parts, whatever. Of course I “continue”.
Now, and that is new, I have to verify my age. I encountered this yesterday for the first time.
And how do you verify your age in the gargle web ? By using your gargle account. And if you have no gargle account, your journey ends here.
I simply do not believe that gargle allows only persons of full age to open an account. And I can not see why someone has to verify their age just to reach The Infomaniac. Because there is now & then a picture of a naked male ?
May all these prudish dicks at google suffer from the warty wand !

The Scarlet Stare

Of course I can not offer a Big Pink Bush, like Ms Scarlet ; and of course I will not supply images of towel model TURNER, like IDV & Ms Scarlet. So logically all that is left for me, is to present my gomjunigeider on a pink towel, ha !
Here you see the new one :


Who would have ever thought that we’d use black tiles for “communication” ?

And here is for Your viewing pleasure, an image of the old gomjunigeider. Served for more than fifteen years : Well done !