A Book

Yes. What else?
“Wer zwei Paar Hosen hat, mache eines zu Geld und kaufe dieses Buch!”
“Who possesses two pairs of trousers shall convert one into cash and buy this book.” G.Ch. Lichtenberg wrote that. I recommend a wounder-full book that accidentally fell into my hands last week:
Philipp BLOM: Sammelwunder, Sammelwahn. Szenen aus der Geschichte einer Leidenschaft, Frankfurt am Main 2004 (Die andere Bibliothek 229).
The original edition was published 2002 in London:
To Have and to Hold. An Intimate History of Collectors and Collecting. And because Philip BLOM is an educated man he translated his own book by himself.
It’s one of those you either despise or adore. It leads deep into European cultural history of the Early Modern Time (Frühe Neuzeit), when sometimes somehow somewhere the Middle Ages ended more or less and sooner or later something new emerged. If you have a nerve for things today seen as a little remote or strange, well: Sell that trousers!