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Good Girl Anni

This morning Anni from next door felt the need to make some points clear. First of all she stated that it was a really bad fancy to get up so early (“Ich will in mein Bett !” / I want in my bed !), and that getting dressed to go out into the cold darkness was also not the brightest idea this morning (“Ich will mich nicht anziehen !” / I do not want to get dressed !). Also the impending visit to the kindergarten was not to her taste (“Ich will nicht in den Kindergarten !” / I do not want to go to the kindergarten !).
Apropos taste, what her father had presented her with for breakfast was seemingly not what her mother would usually put on the table (“Ich will das nicht essen !” / I do not eat this !).
Her father is a physicist at the uni labs here, he is slim and looks healthy, perhaps he gave her a carrot or something, surely not chocolate-coated-sugar-bombs – not that she needed additional energy, all natural and already taking off.
Ahja her mother, (“Ich will Mamma !” / I want my mother !), she’s with Anni’s younger brother away on some family gathering or such, just a few days.
When her father called from another room to get ready and dress (he seldom raises his voice), because it was time to leave, she switched to a fake crying that was not convincing. She clearly felt no bodily payne, and her father, despite his carrot-obsession, never hits his children – the “crying” really needs a bit of effort & training from her.
Anni was simply terribly infuriated (“echt angefressen” – I guess one could translate this with “seriously pissed off”).
She did not only tell her father, me – the next door neighbour -, the people on our floor, but I guess the inhabitants of the whole village what she felt about this early morning situation. She kept on her stark communication while I heard either the table or a chair being dragged over the floor – she seemingly clung to a table leg despite her father’s repeated requests to release it (“Lass’ endlich los !” / Take yer hands off now !) – and she kept her protest up until the elevator doors shut (“Ich will net!” / I do not want !), incorruptible.
I like Anni. She has character (& good lungs) and gets her priorities right. It’s better to stay in the warm bed until daylight than being dragged into the kindergarten through cold drizzle in the damn-dark-morning, the last extension of a long, cold night. And I like that a five-year-old clearly says what she wants and what not.
It is sad to know that Anni has no chance to break this stupid rule that kindergarten, pre-school. school and work has to start at eight o’clock in the morning, and that there is no chance to switch to a civilised time, at least one hour later would help. I really sympathise with her, because I hated to sit in the classroom at 07:55, the first two hours were mostly lost. I think this rule is a leftover from the times of the Kaiser. I wished her the best, and slept until 10:30.


Finally a Cheap Bunny

As you all know bunnies are best after Easter, Nicolaus-es after Christmas. This year I was too late for the golden sitting Lindt with the bell, as seen in the following picture (Yes, I nicked it from you, A.):

So I had to be content with the leftovers and finally fate offered me this beauty:

Hasi’s days were numbered, the following sequence documents its end.


And yes: They are hollow!



Shredded Wheat, basically what the word says, wheat wetted, shredded, formed and backed; comes in different sizes with different add-ons like sugar, honey etc.; normally served swimming in milk.
Is there a filled variation too?

Puffed wheat. Sorry for the foul joke about “puffed”. There is “Puff-Reis”, kind of blown-up-rice-crispy, comes in plain form or coated with chokolade, so I guess puffed wheat is made the same way. Never seen it, never heared about it before, of course never tasted it.

Oatmeal: Oat is “Hafer”, a Korn like Gerste, Weizen, Dinkel etc. It is horse-food normally, under some circumstances it is thinkable to be used for human nutrition, as in war-times; maybe “Haferplätzchen” / oatcookies are different. There may be other opinions. Oatmeal is cooked oat, that becomes slimy, hence the German name “Haferschleim”. That is served in hospitals in a salty variation – that induces that there is a sweet version too?

Grits: Unknown variation of unknown ingredients. Had a glance at wikipedia and it seems to be something of southern descent that gets nixtamalized.
[This is a very good example for my idea about “normal exotism” – what is a home-made translation for “Binnen-Exotismus”: Basically it says that the most exotic things are not to be found somewhere at the other end of the world (in a different and unknown cultural set of relations), but just here, where you are, in your and mine normality (in the parts of our “normal” cultural setting we just do not know or we are not conscious about), nixtamalized grits for example.]

Porridge: Remains a mystery. Years ago some scots re-cooked what was found in the stomach of a moore-corpse, it consisted of some old variety of Korn (DInkel), herbs and different things I do not remember – they summed it up as it would taste like their daily morning porridge. Does that mean that after having had porridge in the morning there is only the way to the bog left? Is it made from oat? What is in?

Muesli: Well … opinions differ on that. I do not want to go into the gruel details.

So we have wheat (Weizen), oat (Hafer), grit (Mais) – what leaves out only Gerste, barley as my dictionary says, Roggen, rye, and probably Dinkel, but I guess this is no longer cultivated – it had a kind of renaissance in Germany over the last years, it’s an old variety. From barley beer is made and rye gives a nice wiskey. But my breakfast changed over the years.
Some pictures would be nice!

Ceres is a very old goddess of agriculture, death and marriage. Very female. The Tusci knew here, the Greek (Demeter, Dionysos, Kore). The ethymology of her name leads to crescere (to grow), creare (to create) and cernere (to distinguish). So in a way you can start the day with some good thoughts and thanks to her when forking the wheat.