Eiei …

I think this is my first body modification – I do not count filling up some holes in teeth ages ago as real modification, especially because the original parts stayed in place. But today a part was taken out and replaced by an artificial thing : The lens of my right eye was replaced, btw with an absolute standard run-of-the-mill artificial lens, nothing with filters, or bi-focal, or whatever, just a plain, clear lens, and it already makes a difference. As the surgeon explained to me, it is possible to use lenses that help with short~ or longsightedness. I opted for the one that helps with my myopia. This afternoon I carefully opened my right eye in my own appartement, and – at least for a short moment – I saw everything clear. What is already a small wonder.
But what surprised me even more is the brightness. The nearly sixty year old lens in my left eye gives all a “beige” tint : When I look at the screen through my left eye, the background is not white, but, well, “beige”, much so. When I look at it through my right, modified,, eye, the background is really white (you know that white with the blue tones in it – this is it) – a remarkable difference.
Of course the right glass is now of no more use, so I stuck a piece of paper behind it. Interestingly my operated eye was not bandaged. I was told to use it, be careful of course, and was given some plastic thing I shall fix with plastrum for the night to protect the eye from something physical or mechanical.
As it goes, when you start you have to go to the end. This procedure very sure will cause the same op on my left eye. The image we “see” is a combination of the informations both optical nerves transmit to the visual centre somewhere in our heads. The brain brings these two images into agreement, but it can bridge only a certain difference. If one image is too unclear, grainy or blurred the result may be double-vision, strong headaches, perhaps disorientation.
My ophthalmologist said that the maximum difference is around three dioptres.
When my right eye will start to heal etc. the difference between the two eyes will certainly be higher than 3 dioptres, so another intrusion is nearly unavoidable. Could be done next week. If all goes well then, all heals as it should without complications, new glasses could be measured mid-January. They will surely be lighter, thinner, perhaps a little bit more elegant than what I have now. And there is even the chance that I do not need glasses for reading or around the house nay more :
A cheer for modern medicine !