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Cosmic Tipple *

The “festive” days are over, Saturday will be the last day of this strange year 2016. No worries, this will not end in a review of the year’s strange events or a list of the deceased.
I try to keep links to blogs, even when I do not read them regularly any more, or when the blog falls silent. The latter may have different reasons, like a change of the writer’s situation – especially when the blog was used e.g. as an outlet for emotions in a crisis situation, or when, generally speaking, the purpose of the writing is reached. Others simply use interest.
So I sort these links a bit, there is the folder with the daily “round”, another folder with blogs I look at now & then, and one with links to blogs I used to visit, that are silent or on a hiatus. With some blogs one knows that they have come to an end because the author is dead. It is either announced in one way or another, or is very certain, for example when the author was pretty old – a break of perhaps three years then allows the assumption that she or he died.
And then there are some blogs I keep close, visit, and hope that it is not over – and sometimes it rattles a bit, and – bang ! – there we go again. This was the case with the blog of Kabuki Zero, the man who told the world. After a small break of three years he returned to blogging, only to die after some months. This damn year seems firmly determined to kill as many creative, artistic people as possible. And it is not yet finished.

The time “zwischen den Jahren” / “between years” feels very strange this year. It is much too warm outside : When I look out I see greenish vineyards, a grey sky, and have the impression of an early spring day perhaps in March. The birds are confused, sing in the morning, I even saw first buds on a Magnolia. No snow in sight, no silence in reach.
One hears stories about people doing very strange things – not at the end of the world, but in the neighborhood, or within the circle of friends. So Kabuki-san’s surprising and unexpected death in a way “fits in” or “blends in” to this times of strangeness.
Perhaps the wobbly uncertainty & kind of alienation I sense around me, the uneasy outlook, the feeling that a bit more than usual, bizarre things happen on this old earth – perhaps it is a trick of the mind, and nothing changed, except my perception. But the possibility remains that the world in total, and my segment of the cosmos too, became a bit more peculiar than usual, uncertain, less predictable.
One should give attention to the dreams in the twelve nights between Christmas day and Epiphanias, and the strong winds each night seem to confirm the idea of the Wild Hunt passing through the area, blocksbergbound. But for the first time in ages I can sleep through, dreamless and undisturbed, missing out on the opportunity to learn about my future in the coming year – tah !
To make the outlook less gloomy here is some Poudre d’Or, ground by Mr SATIE, applied by Anne QUEFFÉLEC (Eng., about). [And, just for fun, a version played by Pascal ROGÉ (Eng.) for comparison.] I hope you enjoy the music.

I want to thank You for all the good Christmas wishes : Thank You.
I wish You all, my venerated readers, a Happy New Year 2017 !
Live long and prosper !



* Many thanks to MSScarlet for bringing this interesting word to my attention.

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Quick Update

I spend the evening mostly at the local waterhole, the Mogwash Arms. The locals were a bit, well reluctant in the beginning, but in the course of the evening it became pretty entertaining. A man called Sebastian insisted on a kind of ABBA-sing-along. I think he is also a member of the local teabagging-society. I may have gotten this wrong, but it could be related to the Teebeutelweitwurf of Eastern Frisia. Always astounding what survives in remote regions, maybe there is something to the romantische Kontinuitätsprämisse I just did not get.
The ice was broken and there were some charades or pantomimes. Especially impressive was a kangaroo that lost its tail, the crowd went wild and everybody wanted to touch this strange object. I tried to record the incantations, but somehow my trusted phone would not work.
When order was restored I found myself at the table  with a Canadian lady, who showed impressive drinking abilities. She introduced herself as “Mistress NK” and was in the company of some colourful characters, fellow diggers perhaps ?
I remember that there was talk about something like bond & bail and a tall gentleman from Texas insisted that I carry lots of gay coloured bracelets as a precaution, so be it, if they do not cumber with the digging.
I learned a new word – toodlepipski – travelling educates – and then went back to this idyllic guesthouse of Mr. Bates (free wifi), humming ABBA’s greasiest hits.
Ah, the Mogwash parking lot is my oyster !
Toodlepipski y’all, as The Lady said.

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Playing around with this rss-thingy was nice. I had to look through the bookmarks – they are a bit like hair. It tends to grow (what is elating when there are (first) not so dense spots), gets a bit out of form and needs a trim now and then. I have neglected trimming the bookmarks for some time & so found some outdated, or others I am not interested in any longer. Some sites do not support rss anymore and recommend for staying up-to-date using the usual “social”-media like twitter and fatzebook. I saw an article predicting the end of rss all together, but most of the magazines I am interested in still use it, and the others will be visited when I feel like it. No way that I join twitter or farcebook because of this.
While at it, I looked at my devoted followers on WordPress & noticed that the number had increased since I had a glance. I found two that I’d like to get rid of, but there is seemingly no way to cut these unwanted ties. One leads to a kind of magazine that seemingly ceased to exist in 2012 – nice that they used my humble blog as inspiration for filling their space, but obviously I couldn’t help, sorry.
The other is a bit embarrassing, because it uses the avatar of a fake persona (a young Indian lady interested in anything) & leads towards some murky website that seemingly wants to sell portables or such, and url after url will be addressed in the new browser window – I killed the whole process after the fourth or so. It is obviously no nice young Indian lady interested in anything, but nothing but a cavalcade of links generating clicks and whatnot.
I looked at the WordPress forum & in the help-section, all is about getting followers & shooting trouble when “following” is not working, there is nothing about getting rid of obviously fake followers.
À propos “dead” blogs – I have a list of blogs from people to whom I felt connected once – sounds stupid perhaps, but we had conversations in (emotionally) tense times, and it feels wrong to me to simply delete these links. The blogs are still there, so the partners in conversation still keep them, or better: did not delete them, for what reasons ever.
I wonder what is the policy of blogger or other services in this respect ? Will server space simply be made available after perhaps ten years of in-activity ? Is someone taking care of this ? And why should one, or not ? Does this long-lost conversations “belong” to someone ? Is emotional value worth to be stored ?
I would very much like to find out about some of them. It is research, and I am a researcher (of some kind), data should be available in the giant stores of google … it would put this gargantuan data-collection to at least a small good – and heck – allow me to search these people and use it for PR if you like, it would at least satisfy my curiosity, ha ! If google can buy SanFrancisco for its engineers, why not hand me a dime and try to give the monster a nice & friendly face ? THIS would be archiving.
Anyway, I am tired now, maybe this last point needs a bit of further investigation and heavy thinking. But not now. Actually I do not want to think about finiteness or mortality, I have enough of this through the day, and sometimes through the night.
So here is a bit of music, excellent guitar work by Messrs BARNES & KRESS. Just so.




For MJ

Mistress MJ of INFOMANIAC is a true treasure of Blogland. For years she entertains the crowd (Pizzas ‘n Bongos), dominates the weak and willing, keeps the flock together – the INFOMANIAC is a meeting point for a special and lovely crowd, mostly a bit squiffy – the crowd, not the hostess. Of course. You love it or you leave it; staples like Filthy Friday are not to everyone’s taste, und das ist gut so, as the Berlin Buergermeister once saied.
The Mistress has taken a break from blogging lately, maybe she’s busily saving the world, holds Nigella’s hand or something. Whatever it may be, people around the globe hope for her return, aka the second coming. As long as the vodka fountain works, there is hope in Blogland.

Here M’lady, just for You: Joe COCKER (who else, eh ?), Mad Dogs and Englishmen: She came in through the bathroom window, hope you enjoy it …




Mistress MJ as we know her and love her: Come back soon !