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Dumbness at Work

Political blah ahead, just skip it if you like.

In his predictable ignorance the little fuehrer announced to “pull out of the deal”.
At first I was angry, but only for a short time ; in the end it was all too expectable. This idiot is seriously working on making the world a dangerous place.
I said it before, I just mention it again : This is no effing “deal” ! A “deal” is what you do down at the corner with Nick the Greek. We are talking about a multi-national treaty. Signed by “Europe” (France, UK, Germany), Russia and China.
What this move of the little fuehrer shows & illustrates is exactly what the German Chancellor remarked some months ago : The US are no reliable partner anymore. It makes no difference, if an American president signs or spits on a contract, it is always just “as is” and “for the time being”. A basic line, an axiom of law, is “pacta sunt servanda”, what means nothing else but you fulfill a treaty. Of course, if the basics of the treaty change, the presuppositions, things can (and should) be changed – but this is not the case here : For absolutely frivolous & indecent reasons this lousy prick kills anything that is still left of international American reliability & credibility : “Die USA sind kein verläßlicher Partner mehr.”
This puts the Iranian leadership under much more internal strain as already available, it is a gift to the falcons. It helps the warmongering of Israel’s PM, who is all too ready to send out some bombers. The risk of another war in the region called the “Middle East” is significantly increased. Only that this time it may be a big one to come that possibly may not be contained. And it is en passant an absolutely avoidable affront against all those involved, the EU, Russia, and China. Makes Amerga great again, really.
I can not get this picture out of my head from some months ago, I think it was taken in Istanbul. It showed the Iranian, of course the Turkish leader, and Mr Putin, shaking hands and enjoying each other’s company. I think they announced some economical treaty or something. There you have the regional powers, under the smiling benevolent guidance of Moscow. The US are out, and rightly so. The next we’ll see is the announcement of a Saudi-Arabian “good bomb”.
De-escalation, a policy of peace, or something similar silly humanist, looks different to me. And what caps it all : Of course the little fuehrer has nothing to offer, what would “make” a “better” “deal” : Does this brain dead worm really think someone will sit down now and negotiate a new treaty ?
Is btw anyone with two brain cells to rub against each other left in charge of USAmerican foreign politics right now ?
I doubt.
Anyway, I find consolation in the fact that finally people are investigating the little fuehrer‘s business actions from ten years ago, when he bought stuff by cash, tons of cash. It all comes down to what Bannon (does anyone remember Bannon ?!) said : “It is all about money laundering.” The little fuehrer took all that cash from the big laundering machine called Bank of Cyprus (run then and today by Deutsche Bank, headed now by this cool guy Ackermann), a relais station between those criminal (and Putin connected) families in the East where Manafort was involved and different addresses in the West : On one side you pour in worthless rubles, on the other side you have squeaky clean dollares, and the engineer makes his cut, preferably in cash, siphoning – Meyer Lansky would be proud.
Btw, it just pops up in my head : Who actually pays the little fuehrer’s lawyers ? I mean, oh so brilliant heads like the former major of NewYork do cost a little bit. Are Rudy and friends’ pockets stuffed with tax dollares ? It surely is insignificant & unimportant, it makes absolutely no difference who pays these guys. Because under the little fuehrer the state is nothing else but a self-service-outlet, and who does not cash in, is understood to be dumb : Sod on values, valuables is right ; morals is for the weak.
It is nothing else but apres nous le déluge, just without style.

Okay, this was it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


On “Music”

There is music. And there is rap. And in one of the circles of hell, there is German rap in an endless loop.
I am prejudiced, of course. Rap, in German Sprechgesang, surely has a tradition etc., it has a political message, perhaps, it is an expression of something – yo, all granted. All this does not change that I “do not get it” & that the texts I heard were outrageous and – what is more important –  dumb. At some point some moons ago, I simply gave up on this “form of art”, and chose to ignore it. All this personal nonsense does of course not mean that there is no intelligent, witty, even likable, rap somewhere out there ; I simply did not find it, and I did not search for it.
This is connected with my advancing age. From one point onwards one has to make decisions about what to explore and what to follow, (what to read !), forms and artists, like e.g. opera and single artists, music of a certain epoch, guitarreros … There is so much to discover, but time runs out, and if I do not like what I hear, I skip it – there is simply no need to take the effort to work one into something one does not like at all.
Then there is German rap.
Over the last years, while driving my kids around, I was exposed to regular radio programs of different stations around here. I noticed that more German-speaking music is broadcasted than I was expecting. Of course, it is ages ago that I was a regular listener to radio programs, and the only one I still listen regularly to today is the classic station of the Bavarian Rundfunk, channel 4.
What I heard can be divided into two sections. On one side are juvenile singers who wail about something they do not understand or lost, or whatever. It is disgusting larmoyant crap. One of the worst troubadours sung about how it was to be with “you” here on “cloud four” – it was enough for him, good enough, he had no implications to go to the proverbial “cloud seven” citing the fear of emotional hurt. When I heard this for the first time I thought it was satire. But no, it counts as actual “love song”.
Another disgusting example is the whiney litany of a young lady who says that “all my friends” think that she’d be “leiser”, more quiet, than usual since she is in a relation with “you”. Because of the inarticulate way she “sings” it always comes out as “Alle meine Freunde finden, daß ich Scheiße bin” (“All my friends think I’m shit”) – and this is exactly how my boys in the vehicle sing along this song happily.
And then there is the second section, the oh so real-tough rappers. These “lyrics” are usually subterranean, belted out in a (fake ?) accent that shall imply that the “artist” is of a some kind migrant origin. In fact it is Kauderwelsch (Ger., Eng.) of the worst kind.
And of course they all are tough macho men : Xenophobic, homophobic and mysogyn, lousy petty bourgeois gone wild.
This may all be as it is, or as I do picture it here, or not.
But there is a border, and this border was crossed when the German Echo-award was given to two of these “artists”. Who sung about their bodies being “more defined than those of Auschwitz inmates”. It escaped my attention that Auschwitz was a fitness camp.
Let me be clear here. German rappers of a certain ilk (in my humble opinion, all of these arseholes) are retarded idiots who happily celebrate the fact that they carry a prick in their trousers & celebrate a worldview that is basically rooted in stone age. Sadly enough there is a market for their products, and enough adolescents of a certain background choose these troglodytes as role models. This is bad. It is a development in this society that not only needs to be observed & watched, but in a way tackled. In the end it is a subject of family, school and society as a whole.
BUT : It is not in order to give these antisemites a prize for their harassment. It is not okay to decorate arseholes, who’s merit is that on German school yards “Jude” is a swear word again.
Interestingly the only one who took the mic and thundered against these pricks was Campino, an old punk rocker. The rest of the assembled media personalities sat in silence. (More or less ; some booed a little, some clapped their hands.)
As rappers would put it : One man, athousand pussies. And to put the crown on this disgusting crap, these antisemites were decorated on jom ha shoa (Ger., Eng.).
It can’t be more disgraceful.

Persons, Places

Should I …

… say something about the latest action of the fuehrer*, the firing of the foreign secretary, that is ?
I don’t think so. After all the question was not “if”, but only “when ?”
The form ? As shabby as possible, true to the fuehrer’s core. And do not disregard how proud the fuehrer is, he has to mention that it is his own decision.
The only thing I find interesting is the timetable. According to the fuehrer’s headquarter the now ex-secretary was informed / got a strong hint – or something – on last Friday.
A under-secretary of the administration for foreign affairs refuted this and said that the now ex-secretary learned about his kick-out today, like everybody else. Promptly the under-secretary was fired too.
So what was the last statement of the now ex-secretary ? He condemned the attempted murder of a Russian ex-spy on British soil and encouraged the British PM in her stance against Russia. Someone must have a list of the Russian ex-spies who had accidents of whatever nature over the last few years in Britain. GOd, it is simply what the Tcheka does to traitors, isn’t it ?
The fuehrer will say nothing about it, and will surely not join any program of sanctions or whatever. And if you want to stay on the fuehrer’s payment list (the state’s that is), you do not utter even the smallest critique against Russia. Or else.
(You can read about this “timeline” in the WPost, NYTimes, CNN, The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, with dates and all ; I do not have to repeat all this here.)
Do not forget that the seemingly most important thing for the fuehrer (besides his prick and dollars) is “loyalty”. I think it could also be called servile submissiveness – I’m not sure how to translate the German phrase hündische Unterwürfigkeit correctly : Whatever Vlad did for the fuehrer ten or fifteen years ago, it must have been – like great !
I can’t help : I think someone somewhere in a department for subversion read an old Asterix, volume 15, titled La Zizanie, Streit um Asterix or The Roman Agent, and then went to work.
If so, the result is impressive.

 * I will not call him “The American Leader” anymore. For me he is the fuehrer, with small “f”.



While I slept, worked & tried to get rid of unwanted memories, the world kept on turning. Strange things happened.
I did not follow the speech of The Leader, the usual melange of spin, half-truths & plain lies, but two things found me scratching my head. The remark about Northern Korea, some idiocy about a “bloody nose” – does Donny Dipstick really want to start a war ? He’s sick enough for this.
The second thing was the whole enactment, the stage production. I am not familiar with these speeches about “the Uniom”, so I do not know whether this is the regular proceeding, but I found it pretty disgusting : Especially when The Leader generously waved at his pack of sycophants and allowed them to rise for the standing ovation. Way to go, Donny : In 30s Berlin and today’s Pyongyang they jump(ed) up when da leadah was / is only looking at them. I think at least one person did not get up – and thus surely learned what it means to be different. The hype about this “memo” is just nonsense, it is a smokescreen. The only thing it proves is that The Leader really has something to hide, and is ready to use any means to save his lousy arse. Possibly even a war.
Regarding war : In occupied Poland Germany erected extermination camps. The actual Polish gouvernement just passed a law that prohibits to speak of “Polish camps”. What at first glance seems to be a legitimate thing is sadly a part of the national-conservative rulers’ (so far succesful) attempt to re-write history. This is the reason for historians from Israel to oppose this law. The leaders of the PiS-party simply want to establish that the Poles were all innocent victims of the German aggression and had nothing to do with the extermination, with the holocaust. What is simply wrong. Poland had & has a history of antisemitism. Through the second world war there was collaboration – not only in Poland, but in any country we invaded – and there were  (of course !) Polish individuals who became guilty as Kain. There was not “only” Jedwabne (1941), but Kielce (1946) too (see). But PiS is re-writing history – and of course yells for compensation for the damages of the war, happily ignoring international treaties that already have solved anything in this regard. It is pretty sickening.
Sickening too is what happened in the German parliament some days ago. A member of the neonazi party gave a speech concerning his party’s ideas about the reunion of refugees’ families. It was stuffed with nazi formulations and showed nothing but a concept of man Himmler would have approved. The head of the Green Party finally had enough and yelled at the fascist. The President of the Parliament did nothing. When questioned he said something along the line that “it must come out”. He meant that those brown swine shall expose themselves. I only hope that his trust in the stability of the German democracy is justified, but, frankly, I have some doubts about this. The nazis are elected, they are now, while the Social Democrats form together with the Conservatives the ruling coalition again, left as the largest opposition party. This does not show me the fears & angst of the electorate, to me it shows its barbaric dumbness and aggression.
And sadly enough, dumbness, aggression & ruthlessness is what these three depicted situations have in common. We live in an age of shamelessness – and I do not mean naked skin or presented tools of procreation. On the contrary, there seems to develop a new kind of prudery when pictures of breasts are not allowed on so called “social” media, when museums unhang paintings (!), and a breastfeeding woman is looked at as a monster.
But you can shamelessly belie like a president, shamelessly lie about historical truths like a Pole, and shamelessly use nazi-speak about human beings like a German “politician”. If 2018 continues this way it will be remembered as
“The Year of the Shameless Swine”.