Or: How to ruin anything.

I have to confess that I did not understand “DRM”, when I learned that it stands for “Digital Rights Management”. I always thought about “digital rights”, like perhaps something connected with publishing, authorship, or maybe in connection with the Snowden (Ger., Eng.) papers or such. But its more about the management of rights, digitally.
Let’s assume you want to buy a car. And because the idea of a combustion engine is a bit too steam punk for you, you choose an electrical vehicle. Maybe by Renault or such, because you do not want to get fried in a Tesla. You buy the car, the battery is leased only. The advertisement people tell you that it’s okay and brings only advantages, if for example there is something wrong – no hassle, will be changed easily, no problem.
There is a problem when you can not come up with the leasing rate, because Renault is enabled (and seemingly entitled) to manipulate your battery digitally so that it will not recharge anymore. End of mobility. The company can do this from a distance via the electronic gizmos in the car – which is in fact a rolling computer. A data collecting rolling computer. This is no sci-fi but reality. I have only two German articles (here and here), but who is interested will surely find English texts about this.
And it’s really easy to connect your iphone to the “car”; don’t know whether it comes with a top notch navigation system too. 🙂