Sunday Music

Sunday Music

I learned some things in this week. For example that this Apple company is one of the largest taxpayers one can find in the world – at least according to the actual leader of the cult chairman. Who was “grilled” at a hearing, as some pretty delusional headlines put it – in fact it was a nice chat between old friends, colleagues and cronies. Towards the end of the afternoon tea the model taxpayer said that the thirty-something billions his company has stored in Ireland are not to be brought to the homeland, because of – you guessed it – too high tax rate.
The American dream at work. The rest may shut up and has not to complain about collapsing bridges.
Another thing I learned is that McDoof is something like the green-grocer down the corner – at least according to the head honcho’s point of view: At the annual stockholder’s meeting he declared that McDoof is not selling junk food. But milk, salat and apples. He did not mention what percentage of the volume of sales is made with that stuff, maybe they can not quantify it.
There is nothing to wonder about this in a world that calls going to a bloody war “starting a peace mission” or firing people “decruit” (freisetzen in German, a real perfidious formulation). The rest of the news was filled with vomit inducing violence and stupidity that allow no comment.

This Sunday Music features the great Michel PETRUCCIANI (1962-1999) (Ger., Eng., obit.); together with Anthony JACKSON (bass) (Ger., Eng.) and Steve GADD (drums) (Ger., Eng.) they perform So What by Miles DAVIES (Ger., Eng.) – hope you enjoy it!

For some real jazzy versions of Lover come back to me (last week’s Sunday Music in the version by R. TAUBER) visit Savannah’s blog, always a good place to be.




Paint it black

The big trial started on the 1st of  September and was planned to last until March 2012 (40 days of trial, more than 100 witnesses), but the sentence was pronounced on the 27th of October: Six years for the maindefendant, Wolfgang FISCHER-BELTRACCHI (60), four years for his wife Helene BELTRACCHI (52), one year and nine months for her sister Jeanette (54), and five years for the accomplice Otto SCHULTE-KELLINGHAUS (67). This was the result of a so-called deal between the parties and based on an extensive confession of the main defendant: “Alle Bilder habe ich allein gemalt” , “I alone painted all the pictures”. “All” means 14 that were subject of this trial. (For a gallery go here, but do not miss to scroll down for a list of 53 titles the investigators could connect with the forgers.)
The story they told was simple. Helene and Jeanette brought pictures to auctioneers and galleries claiming they were out of the possession of their grandfather Werner JAEGERS (Ger. only), a merchant and industrialist in the Rhineland, who died 1992. He would have bought them from the famous collector Alfred FLECHTHEIM (Ger. only). The partner in crime SCHULTE-KELLINGHAUS also sold pictures from his grandfather’s collection, the tailor Wilhelm KNOPS from Krefeld, who died 1957 and would have been a good friend of JAEGERS. The legend was proofed by the sign of the Flechtheim gallery on the back of the paintings. This was as forged as the paintings themselves, we have here complete falsifications. Indeed these signs were identified as forgery by the Flechtheim-specialist Ralph JENTSCH, what nailed the case. The brake-through for the forgers came with “Rotes Bild mit Pferden” allegedly by the expressionist Heinrich CAMPENDONK (Ger., Eng.), sold via the auctioneer LEMPERTZ for 2.4 million Euro in 2006.
But suspicion arose. Further investigation and scientific examination proofed the use of modern paints and pigments not available at the time when this (and other) paintings were created. The rest was police work and investigation. The three main suspects were arrested and came into pretrial detention in September 2010. The convicts came free after the sentence was proclaimed, they will serve their sentences im freien Vollzug, what means that they visit the can over night. BELTRACCHI said the money would be gone, just a single million left on a Swiss account; this will be transferred back to the Staatskasse for legal costs, maybe for one or another wronged party a small reimbursement is possible.
But there are seemingly not many people queuing up for compensation.
Most of the paintings FISCHER-BELTRACCHI produced and sold, be it via his wife and her sister or his mate Otto, are gone, vanished. The other 49 paintings wer not subject of the trial because the investigations were not finished yet, water tight was only the case of the 14. BELTRACCHI & Co. seemingly slammed on the brake, accepted the inevitable and so stopped investigations into the other paintings, those that were already known. The known damage is quantified with circa 16 million Euro.
Some interesting questions remain unanswered.
How many paintings were forged? How were they sold? Who produced the “Expertise”, the evaluation of each single work of art – and signed it? Where ARE they?
Paintings are seen as store of value, as something that will keep its value regardless of the name of the currency, be it Euro, Dollar or Mark. And often they are paid with Schwarzgeld, illicit money. Original BELTRACCHIS will show up over the next twenty or thirty years in auctions and galleries, maybe some are already in museums – ah, the museums … The fooled will stay silent, wounded vanities will be kept secret, people will forget.
It’s all make-believe.

Paint it black feat. Karel Gott.

(Articles in SPIEGEL, Zeit, Handelsblatt;  on Bloomberg, Businessweek.)


2nd Chance

As I learned here Mr. Harold Camping came to the conclusion that the end of the world will come on October 21st – this time for reals. Kim Ayres linked – in a comment at Savannah‘s – to this nice list of doomsdays from 44 until 2011. I am not sure whether it is entirely complete. The Smithsonian Magazine had a story about doomsdays, expectations of the apocalypse, two years ago, still worth a look.
The Bamberger Apokalypse (Ger., Eng.) (images) was listed as Documentary Heritage by the UNESCO in 2004. I wonder whether in another five hundred years Harold’s billboards will be kept in a museum? I doubt.
As desirable the whole fire-brimstone-kill-them-a*holes-thing sometimes seems, it’s just another promise broken. I go and play lotto now, it’s more honest.


Coppens arrested !

According to a generally well informed source on the web Canadian citizen Donnn Coppens of Winnipeg “has been detained in Mexico by the Immigration police”. It is reported that Coppens was arrested while doing outdoor hiking. He is said to have been brought to the infamous “Vallarta-Hilton”, the fate of the people travelling with him is still unknown.
Coppens, an avid writer, playwright and intellectual heavyweight of Manitoba fame is well known for starting the seventies “Red-bow-tie-craze” and is the latest winner of the “Freaking Green Elf Shorts Contest” (history here).

Young Coppens flashing his trendsetting red bowtie.

Last known picture of Coppens in Mexico.

We are sure that the accusations against this noble man will crumble like sandcastles in the Mexican desert. Meanwhile this screaming injustice needs to be made known, so raise your voice and say it loud: FREE DONN !