University Library

The freestate of Bavaria (Freistaat Bayern) brags a lot about its high-tech-abilities, super duper communication facilities and top notch universities … blablableurgh …
On last Monday I ordered a copy of an essay via the local university library. It’s published in a pretty unusual magazine and the Bavarian library network does not list it. They took my order and yesterday, Thursday, I received an email saying that they scanned the essay. So today I strolled over to the library to collect my print. The very young man behind the counter went to the shelves and came back emptyhanded. He checked the computer and saied ther’d be nothing. I told him that I got an e-mail yesterday, he shrugged his shoulders and went to the next counter.
Before I could scream out at the lousy sucker I realized that one of the oldtimers stood in front of me, grinning and making a gesture in the boy’s direction. “You ordered an essay?” Yes.” “You got the email.” “Yes.” “It only says that they scanned it, not that it would be here.” “Häh?” I wanted to say something about damned printers. “It’s only the beginning. Someone put it in an envelope.” I looked at him. I know this man for a lot of years, he’s a little younger than me. I asked him in the local dialect whether he would fool me (“Veraschrt da mich jezz?”) and his malicious grin became even worse. “They scan it. Print it. Put in in an envelope and give it into the mail. Ad two days for mail. It’s weekend. On Monday maybe someone has nothing better to do then slitting open the envelope and put it into the shelf, sometime in the afternoon. On Tuesday, if you are lucky, it’s here.”
There was nothing more to say.

Telefax? E-mail-attachement? Service?
BWUAHHAHHAAAAA … scratch your Lederhos’n …