Oregon is for the weak!

Franconia est omnis divisa in partes tres …” That’s right today as it was two thousands years ago when Gaius Sinister wrote that opening sentence in his Historia Francorum – a work now lost. The Nuremberg humanists of the 16th century are saied to have known a last existing exemplar, but after the Bavarian annexion it vanished, maybe it went into street holes like so many other books the Bavarians had no use for.
To correct a mainly wrong image of Franconia as it is given here, I have to tell the truth about my beloved Heimat. Some people even deny the fact of Franconia’s existence and refuse to find it on maps, as Mr. Knudsen does. Franconia today mainly is the northern part of Bavaria and consists of three “Bezirke”: “Ober-, Mittel- und Unterfranken”. To the historical landscape of Franconia parts of Baden-Württemberg (“Badisch Franken”) belong up to the Rhine. It is the historical “Ostfranken” that was conquered by the Franconians from the sixth or seventh century onwards. “Rheinfranken” with the old Roman cities was the center for what became the Carolingian Reich. We know that as “Frankreich” today.
The true Franconian wears clothes and would never bring his beloved chainsaw into the living room – the sudden change of temperature could do harm to the motor oil. We invented beer, bread, the wheel, and cultivated the use of fire, firewater – you name it, we did it. Franconians always played a significant role in history, I find this list very un-satisfying. Some people really think it would be a good idea to restore an independent Franconia as political entity, what would mean to leave the “Freistaat Bayern”. Given the state of Bavarian politics, one could think about it. I would opt for an “anarcho-syndikalistisches Rätesystem”, that would fit the Franconian mentality – if such a thing exists – best.

Postscriptum: Just to convince you that Franconia exists, have a look here for the story of a bike-ride along the river Main. Yes, they mention beer.