Yellow Submarine

No Beatles-song here. But a visit to a nice oddity – and an interesting site. Have you ever been to New York? I was never there, and at the moment I doubt that I will ever get to this place.
As passionate armchair-traveler I sometimes trot the “Urban Exploration”- WebRing, that connects now nearly 260 sites dealing with “urban exploration” in various ways. There are some uninspired sites, but hidden gems can be discovered. One site, that surely is not unknown and has it’s share of acknowledgment, is “Forgotten NY”. I like it because it is a no-nonsense affaire. They are out in the city and take pictures of things that are still there, ghosts of long gone times and remarkable pieces of steadiness in a very fast changing surrounding.
And now we come to the sub. It was a built dream: Jerry Bianco wanted to go and dive to the “Andrea Doria”, open the hull and get all the treasures that are said to be inside the once magnificent ship. He built a submarine and a stupid accident botched the start. People turned away, he could not get much needed money, the ship got lost. Here is the story as given on Forgotten NY, and here is it in the NY-Post. It has nothing to do with this yellow submarine, that was operatable and manned. It is seemingly a new NY-trend, submarining …
New catch of the week is Forgotten New York, always worth a visit, especial on gray rainy afternoons. Enjoy!