Look Out

Some days ago I visited an old, green thumbed man, who has reduced his once sprawling garden into a very carefree affaire that demands just some cutting of the lawn nowadays. He pointed to the apples rotting in the meadow – they are all too early ; the trees throw them down because of the drought, simply because they can not keep to the regular schedule. He also mentioned that at least one local creek fell dry.
Two days ago we decided that it was time to go out, air the brain & move the flaccid body around – so a visit to a nearby recreational area with lakes and a small river – that would be it. The lakes were still there, and locals were still bathing, swimming, and drinking beer in naturalibus, but the river is gone.
Larger rivers like Kocher and Jagst e.g., or the Neckar, have remarkably low water, of course a danger for fish and other wildlife. Transport by inland vessel on Rhine and other Wasserstra├čen becomes difficult, the loading capacity must be reduced – hence more vessels needed, hence more cost.
At least the South of Germany is spared (large) fires ; some hectares of woodland were destroyed by fires in the Spessart and in Northern Franconia, but this is not comparable to the fires in the Eastern Federal States, which in itself are far far smaller than what our Southern neighbours in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Southern France had to endure.
We have to reduce the amount of natural gas used for heating, in order not to freeze off some limbs in the coming winter, thanks to Vlad (and our idiocy to trust this fine man !), so some cities already closed public swimming baths to reduce costs and consumption. It seems that there is a connection between natural gas and production of electric energy, another area that may see some difficulties in the (near) future. I also remember to have read that our electric grid’s digital administration is already infiltrated with foreign maleware, or viruses. Thanks again, Vlad. Or Kim – who cares ?
All I know is that the cost for heating, warm water, and energy in general, will soar sky-high. Things will become uncomfortable for the average citizen
It is unhealthy to look into the news too long, bookmark articles etcetc., the image is bleak nowadays. The only highlight is the search and seizure action at the little fuehrer’s whorehouse – there is still a chance for the American Federal State. But I doubt that this will comfort me in the coming winter, when I’ll sit rolled up in a rug at my desk writing my thoughts down on a piece of paper wile the candle gently smokes. I only hope the ink will not freeze.