First I must apologize for not posting the last days and for not coming over with the promised photographs. The week did not start too good, because a kind of virus bite me and the hot weather knocked my circulatory out. Today I am a little shakey but it gets better. I am terribly behind schedule with everything, blog, customers, culture blog – on Friday is the first session of my seminar and I was told that 21 folks would like to attent: What am I to do with them?

Copycat that I am, I took austeres picture of her new 42s (https://63mago.files.wordpress.com/2007/04/dsc00579.jpg) as stimulation to show my own – now Amanda, what about you? Proxima? Let’s show the artificial parts!
Zorzi’s biography of Marco Polo is my actual read – adventure everywhere!

There is the promised kitchen-window-view. The way that follows the foot of the hill and comes back in the middle of its flank is one I take more or less regularly. It is a fine walk of a little more than one hour, a little escape-route.

And because you are so patient, this is a look into my room.

The cherry tree refused to be photographed. I simply did not get the picture I would like to get. and than it was one day too long and the blossoms had that dot of green within from the new leaves. I was not able to do it right. Nevertheless I think I will have some photographs in flickr or picasa.