Something Technical

Venerated readers, most of You fellow bloggers use gargl’s Blogger.
It may have escaped Your attention that some weeks ago Blogger changed something in respect of the comments on Your blogs*. When I remember it correctly, from the time when I started with a Blogger blog, one could choose from a little menue if one allows comments from other blogging networks, like, for example, wordpress.
This made it easier for non-Blogger bloggers to comment : When I was logged into wordpress my avatar and identification would be automatically displayed on your blog’s comment formular – if you allowed it. If not, there was always the possibility to comment with the options “name / website”, or “anonymous” – if You had specified it.
Now it seems that the standard option activated is : “Allow only comments from other Blogger blogs”. After having commented I am asked to set up an account with gargle, what I – please accept my apologies – will not do.
But You still have the option to allow comments with identification in the fields “name / website”, and “anonymous”. You just need to activate, to allow this.
I already asked some of You, my venerated readers, to allow this, so that me – and of course other readers of your blogs – can still comment on Your blogs. And I am glad to say that You did allow me in.
But some of You do not display Your email address publicly, so I can not reach You, and ask for permission.
To make a long story short : I just want to gently ask, whether those of my venerated readers, who run a Blogger blog, and may have noticed that I did not comment on Your blog for some time – whether You could have a look on Your options for commenting, and maybe allow commenting with the option “name / website” ?
I do not know whether the downside is a lot of spam, but the upside of allowing a little leak to the outside of the gargle universe, may be more comments.

This is the official help by gargle that says under number 5, bullet two :

“In “Who Can Comment,” select User with Google Accounts to restrict anonymous commenting.”

Come on, live dangerously : Allow the dirty rest in !

* I am sorry, I do not know whether You already spoke about this Eroswings. If so, excuse me please. The reason for this Public Service Announcement is that I can not reach several Blogger bloggers via mail, and hence the contact is totally broken, or at least, one way only.


Gargle’s .45

Me and “google” are not friends, as some of you, venerated readers, who follow this scribble for a bit longer, surely know. Our ways had not yet fully parted, inasmuch as I still used a chrome-based browser called “iron”. The (German) developers of this program say that they carry over the benefits of gargle’s “chrome”, like velocity and all-round-usefulness, but get rid of the not so nice things, notably gargle’s hunger for data.
I used it until I found that it hat bloated a lot. Months ago I had looked at the windows’ list of programs and was told that “iron” would use around 70 MB of disk space ; some weeks ago it was over 140 MB. The whole folder had over 220 MB. And it became slow – no more hop-through-the-web, but a tired drag-through-the mud. Additionally it always showed a message telling me that some plug-in was not supported anymore, but there is a way to dig around. So I dug around – and, hallelujah, with the new version (45) all would be better.
I looked for something else and found a small basic browser that simply does what it says on the tin, it shows websites. It has some weaknesses, but I learned to live with it – and now I have to. Because when I learned that a new version of gargle’s browser is out, what means that the corresponding “iron”-version is available, I wanted to have a look at it. I downloaded it, had it installed, all without hassle and as usual. It worked fine. Then I realised that they had this personalising-thingy carried over. This and some other things I did not like (notably that from the start it comes with all gargle-cookies, be it “blogger” or “youtube” or anything else from the gargle-universe – even when I had cookies deleted manually or automatically at the end of a session) and hence decided to uninstall this program.
But I was not allowed to do this.
When I used the windows-de-installing routine I was told that “This program can only be uninstalled on a 64-bit-windows.” (I cite it from memory, the exact wording may have been a bit different, but the statement is clear I hope.) This windows I use on this machine is by no means a 64-bit-windows. And I did not download the “wrong” version of the program – simply because there is nothing to choose from. (Well, there is a “portable version” available. But that’s it. It is one button to click for the rest.)
First I went to the program’s in-built uninstallation, and got the same message. So I tried CCleaner, no way. I tried it “by foot” : Go to the folder, erase it, then clean the registry from dead entries. No way : I was not even allowed to rename the folder ! Forget to open or delete it ! And yes, I am my own administrator.
Then I tried to re-install it, there could be perhaps a possibility to “change / repair” – no way.
I became a bit angry. And out of a whim I grabbed a de-installing program from the web, “Iobit” or something, forgot the name : Forget it too, dear readers ! It is blank nonsense and comes with a ton of additional unwanted code you never wanted to have – and did not accept to have delivered ! It even had the nerve to litter my desktop with silly “gauges” ! I kicked this out as fast as possible.
In the end I restored windows – it is the second or third time I did this ever, since I use this operating system. Windows had created a restoring-point only some days before I started this unlucky adventure, and it worked like a charm. The list of installed programs showed me the older version of this “chrome”-derivat. The in-built de-installation still did not work (same message as before), but at least I was allowed to erase the folder via the windows explorer !
After having got rid of the unwanted code I realised that the machine was unusually slow. The “defraggler” showed me that 12 % of the files on C: were fragmented. I use this tool only twice a year or so, the fragmentation-rate is normally down to one or two percent. So before I went for my afternoon drive I put it to work, and it sorted the mess out.
Was ist das End’ vom Lied ?
Maybe I behaved stupidly, maybe this is all irrelevant, it surely is less than a storm in a tea-cup. But I know for sure that I will not again use a program that comes from gargle. My last connection to this data-gargling behemoth is Sunday’s link to “youtube” (or preferably something else hereafter), simply because this is the largest repository of music on the web I have access to. Anything else are poisoned gifts I do not want to touch.



“You can suck my ‘phytoes’ ” I was told in a friendly manner. It’s not something vulgar biologic the President of the Galaxy would enjoy, but the mere loving offer to use the last few Lutschdrageés sold under the name “Phytohustil” ; they contain Eibisch (Althea) that fights the terrible & hurting need to cough. It’s Saturday afternoon and for the first time since Sunday I sit at my desk and my computer. This “Grippe” hit fast, only three hours from beginning headaches to staggering through the appartement and falling into bed on last Sunday, and was effective : I felt weak and helpless for days, had fever and was simply laying from Sunday evening to Wednesday without any notable activity, except coughing. At least I’m five kilograms lighter. A good start, still some to go ; it helps that spring is looming somewhere out there and that means outdoor activity etc.
And it’s the best chance ever to finally get rid of the tabacco, why should I litter my freshly cleaned lungs with that nasty stuff again ?
I was so glad to have my papers sorted and having brought all that stuff up to date, now there’s another  – if notably smaller – heap of official letters that need some attention, action even in some cases, it never stops.
I have not looked into the news, GOd what will have happened anyway ? Idiots kill people, vanity & stupidity reign as usual. I noticed that google started another try to clean their net, this time forbidding nudity – and, arrogant as ever, declaring that they know and decide what is porn or un~ / acceptable : The power to define. According to FOUCAULT there sits true power, not within the discours, but when one can define the limits, what is in, what is out. Ah yes, the web according to some middle-aged American multi-billionaires’ ideas about moral – and of course, “you are free to leave if you do not like it”. The same “love it or leave it”-attitude as years ago when I left, after Leni Qinan and MJ were filtered out. I only hope that “waves of perverts” join wordpress now. As far as I’m concerned it works easily, I exported, I imported – et voilà. Enough things to tweak, just select a template with a nice font – go and find out for yourselves.
Now it’s time for tea, sofa, and some gentle music.



mago, Persons


Playing around with this rss-thingy was nice. I had to look through the bookmarks – they are a bit like hair. It tends to grow (what is elating when there are (first) not so dense spots), gets a bit out of form and needs a trim now and then. I have neglected trimming the bookmarks for some time & so found some outdated, or others I am not interested in any longer. Some sites do not support rss anymore and recommend for staying up-to-date using the usual “social”-media like twitter and fatzebook. I saw an article predicting the end of rss all together, but most of the magazines I am interested in still use it, and the others will be visited when I feel like it. No way that I join twitter or farcebook because of this.
While at it, I looked at my devoted followers on WordPress & noticed that the number had increased since I had a glance. I found two that I’d like to get rid of, but there is seemingly no way to cut these unwanted ties. One leads to a kind of magazine that seemingly ceased to exist in 2012 – nice that they used my humble blog as inspiration for filling their space, but obviously I couldn’t help, sorry.
The other is a bit embarrassing, because it uses the avatar of a fake persona (a young Indian lady interested in anything) & leads towards some murky website that seemingly wants to sell portables or such, and url after url will be addressed in the new browser window – I killed the whole process after the fourth or so. It is obviously no nice young Indian lady interested in anything, but nothing but a cavalcade of links generating clicks and whatnot.
I looked at the WordPress forum & in the help-section, all is about getting followers & shooting trouble when “following” is not working, there is nothing about getting rid of obviously fake followers.
À propos “dead” blogs – I have a list of blogs from people to whom I felt connected once – sounds stupid perhaps, but we had conversations in (emotionally) tense times, and it feels wrong to me to simply delete these links. The blogs are still there, so the partners in conversation still keep them, or better: did not delete them, for what reasons ever.
I wonder what is the policy of blogger or other services in this respect ? Will server space simply be made available after perhaps ten years of in-activity ? Is someone taking care of this ? And why should one, or not ? Does this long-lost conversations “belong” to someone ? Is emotional value worth to be stored ?
I would very much like to find out about some of them. It is research, and I am a researcher (of some kind), data should be available in the giant stores of google … it would put this gargantuan data-collection to at least a small good – and heck – allow me to search these people and use it for PR if you like, it would at least satisfy my curiosity, ha ! If google can buy SanFrancisco for its engineers, why not hand me a dime and try to give the monster a nice & friendly face ? THIS would be archiving.
Anyway, I am tired now, maybe this last point needs a bit of further investigation and heavy thinking. But not now. Actually I do not want to think about finiteness or mortality, I have enough of this through the day, and sometimes through the night.
So here is a bit of music, excellent guitar work by Messrs BARNES & KRESS. Just so.