Yom Kippur 5780

This is a sad day.
In Sachsen-Anhalt (Ger., Eng.) (24% of the parliament‘s seats held by the new nazi party) an armed attack on the synagogue of the city Halle (Ger., Eng.) took place. Actually two dead persons are verified. As I heared in the news this afternoon by a witness, one woman was just walking down the street when she was killed, one man was shot in a kebab shop next to the synagogue.
It is not clear how many attackers are involved, first news said four men in military gear with helmets carried out the attempted assassination. One man seemingly put explosives in front of the synagogue’s door, but there seems to have been no explosion. Also he was not able too shoot into the sacred room through the door or windows. He carried an automated weapon and a shotgun. Eighty to hundred people had gathered to celebrate the Day of Atonement (Ger., Eng.). It is not clear how many attackers are on the lam.
The GBA took over. Thankfully. Because it is sad fact that parts of the Eastern German authorities can not be trusted.
IF it really is what it seems to be, a military style attack on the Jewish community, we face a totally new dimension here.
I wanted to write about Boris the steampunk, and this sick pocket dictator in the White House, but who cares for these sad jokes when people are attacked in a synagogue. In Germany. In this rotten bog called Saxony. Where else ?