Still alive

The last ten days or so were pretty mixed, mostly rough. Some things and situations sucked my energy right out of me, drowning in a barrel of wiskey seemed a real good alternative. No, I stayed sober, could not risk to add something to the already tense situation. Words do hurt and I want to add one or two pictures of me to Melanie Teegarden’s “Hate-Project”. Read here an article about the project.
I spent the last few days traveling, visiting various archives in search for the church-registers of a tiny hamlet in middle Franconia. It is the first time that the central archives of both christian churches say the other one would be responsible or in charge: The baptismal, death and marriage records are simply not locatable – it really is a singularity. The story is too long, too confused and because of this too boring to be retold here. I have an idea about what went wrong and need to have some phone-calls on Monday – but it seemed so simple at the beginning: Just check some birthdays, between 1833 and 1840, here are the parent’s names, here is the name of the new village they moved to … I only hope I can explain it all to my customer in a satisfactory way. This job will hopefully save this month. In the second half I will work as a contractor for a large company. If all goes well that will save October. “Mago Incorporated” is still on shaky grounds and I am still searching for a steady job, but the outlook is a little better.