“You can suck my ‘phytoes’ ” I was told in a friendly manner. It’s not something vulgar biologic the President of the Galaxy would enjoy, but the mere loving offer to use the last few Lutschdrageés sold under the name “Phytohustil” ; they contain Eibisch (Althea) that fights the terrible & hurting need to cough. It’s Saturday afternoon and for the first time since Sunday I sit at my desk and my computer. This “Grippe” hit fast, only three hours from beginning headaches to staggering through the appartement and falling into bed on last Sunday, and was effective : I felt weak and helpless for days, had fever and was simply laying from Sunday evening to Wednesday without any notable activity, except coughing. At least I’m five kilograms lighter. A good start, still some to go ; it helps that spring is looming somewhere out there and that means outdoor activity etc.
And it’s the best chance ever to finally get rid of the tabacco, why should I litter my freshly cleaned lungs with that nasty stuff again ?
I was so glad to have my papers sorted and having brought all that stuff up to date, now there’s another  – if notably smaller – heap of official letters that need some attention, action even in some cases, it never stops.
I have not looked into the news, GOd what will have happened anyway ? Idiots kill people, vanity & stupidity reign as usual. I noticed that google started another try to clean their net, this time forbidding nudity – and, arrogant as ever, declaring that they know and decide what is porn or un~ / acceptable : The power to define. According to FOUCAULT there sits true power, not within the discours, but when one can define the limits, what is in, what is out. Ah yes, the web according to some middle-aged American multi-billionaires’ ideas about moral – and of course, “you are free to leave if you do not like it”. The same “love it or leave it”-attitude as years ago when I left, after Leni Qinan and MJ were filtered out. I only hope that “waves of perverts” join wordpress now. As far as I’m concerned it works easily, I exported, I imported – et voilà. Enough things to tweak, just select a template with a nice font – go and find out for yourselves.
Now it’s time for tea, sofa, and some gentle music.




Gut Soweit …

The storm went through. Pretty fast, throwing water against the panes, furious lightning, but again, very fast. It’s so silent now.
The whole day cloud mountains built up. When I walked over the campus a windbloke caught me from behind and shook me a bit. The water from my eyes run around my nose and gently dripped on the jacket. I looked over the valley to the fortress, on some days in spring or autumn you think that you can grab it like a toy and see the cracks in the walls; on other days it so far away, sometimes floating over the fog like an alien battleship; today it was grey, the mist just blanked out all the colours. And tonight finally all the tension broke up in strong winds, hammering rain and some furious flashes, all too fast, heading East, must be a real good show in the North where they wait for Orkan “Xavier”.
I’m busy writing “comprehensive” applications, and if things go well I’ll survive December and January – yippiayeah.
This morning found me at the doctor’s again, nice people. What really was a good thing is that the female assistants know how to tap some blood. I am not blessed with protruding veins and over the years one or the other of these lovely leeches turned into a mad furia poking the needle again and again into my arm until I stopped the nonsense, either by standing up or by passing out. But I never threw up – hey ! The one in charge for taking blood on last Monday realised that it would not work, called her colleague and she did it well – I love you girls !
Doc L. and me get along quite good, he’s the one who told me about that minor heart condition and takes care for it. Today his machine gave in, the one where they smear cold stuff on your body and look at grainy pictures while they move a knob over different parts of your body, forgot the name. But because it’s not only the annual “check up”, but also a look for early signs of this terrible anarchy of the cells called cancer, I had to visit Doc S. too. They share the office, I had seen Doc S. sometimes before, and yes … but after today I can honestly say that I also like Doc S.
He came closer to me than any man before, looked at parts of my body I normally keep concealed, and did this without any embarrassment or awkwardness for both of us. And we had some fun. He also explained to me some of the grainy pictures while he had this knob wandering over my body. We’ll do this again next year.