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German Politics. Boring. And I am angry.

It’s now hundred days, a little more, since the “new” gouvernement is installed and in charge. Westerwelle became vice-chancellor, secretary of foreign affairs and is still head of the so called Liberal Party. Other members of (t)his party became secretaries too, there is someone in charge for the economics but nobody sees or hears from this man; a young man is in charge for the system of health and insurances, he is obviously overstrained; there should be others, but I have difficulties to name them, and so have my fellow citizens. Would be election on next Sunday, the so called Liberal Party would barely scrap together 8 percent, tendency steeply falling. The larger partner in the reigning coalition, the conservative CDU, simply needs to lean back and smile, that is exactly what chancellor Merkel does watching the small partner demolishing itself: No real political danger for her, she keeps the power in her small fists, and that is all she is interested in. (Later, when the so called Liberals will be a burden, she’ll have a coalition with the Green Party, but that’s an other story. Variatio delectat.)

Westerwelle is good at being the statesmanlike secretary of foreign affairs, he adapts very well, he IS intelligent, and I believe he really wants to make a good policy.
He kicked out any only remotely intelligent human being from the higher ranks of t”his” party, and allowed the friendly used-car-dealers he gathered around himself not to think into the future: Nobody had any idea – or something like a plan ! – about what should happen on the day after the election. “We’ll win!” – the rest will follow.
What followed is desaster. And embarrassment.

And what did our so-called-Liberal Superhero do? He kicked against all and everybody, and especially against those who can not defend themselves – or are the most likely not being able doing so – the Poor that is, in Germany people, who receive money from the Hartz-IV-program. The would-be statesman fell back in his well-trained role as squaller, in a way that even made the chancellor lift her eyebrows: She adviced her agent to tell Germany that she would not use her deputy’s choice of words.
He saied in short, that these parasites are sucking the life-blood out of the German State (no, not Volkskörper, but nearly) and nobody cares for the good people that do all the work, fucking socialist thinking here, goddam decadence and all the blablabla of yesterday and the day before – who ever takes money from the state is a damn crooked impostor too lazy to move his ass out of the armchair watching tv gulping beer and making children for stately benefits – you get the general idea.
Eight million people, roughly, get money from this Hartz-IV-program – Mr. Hartz by the way is a sentenced corruptor, lyer and crook. Mostly humans who are old, disabled or children. And there are roughly two million people, who work fulltime and earn too less, stay under the poverty line, and receive money from the state to survive: What we have here is that work is too cheap. And that there IS NO MORE WORK.
Westerwelle, the super liberal, says, these basteds are simply too lazy to get their act together.

He IS  just a rotten politico. His party is loosing ground. He needs to distract people’s interest from the basical and structural problems of his corrupt “party”, that is the lack of intellect and intelligence there. Elections are to be faced in the states of the German Federation and the coalition partners there will not be friendly, au contraire it will be clubbing and stabbing. SO what is he to do? Kick, scream, make a fuzz and stick to it, gives the air of martyrdom when the “Socialists” throw stones – a damn show. It’s politics, eh?
Out come intellectuals like Sloterdijk (here), or, the latest now, G. Heinsohn (Eng., Ger.) – he was already a paine in the arse in the eighties – who do give the “intellectual” reasoning for the inhumane, antisocial and deeply disturbing argumentation of the so-called Liberals. And this makes me really angry. They are philosophical arsonists. In German: Geistige Brandstifter. They are dangerous. And I can not see an intellectual heavy-weight step in and kick these suckers in the teeth. Heinsohn wrote nonsense about witchcraft in Europe, out of discussion. He is one of those people who deny the “official” counting of the centuries (Chronologiekritik) – do NOT get me started!
Sloterdijk is to be taken serious, he after all IS a philosopher. The problem is that he is so full of himself, he is so terribly vain and out of this world, that he simply can not understand what real problems are. This master of bla should be sent to work – in die Produktion – should be forced to leave his pampered lifestyle and do damn downright stupid hard work. And when he slowly understands it and starts to get proud of it, it must be taken away from him, kick the arse out on the street, where he can hear his friend Westerwelle explain to the society, that these basteds simply do not get their act together: It’s their own failing.
Sooner or later I will have to deal with Sloterdijk here, but excuse me, not now.
They are arsonists.

The Nazis march through Dresden. They want to change history. Heinsohn is a stupid who already does this, it is philosophical and historical diarrhoea. Sloterdijk wants to change all and everything too, the Leistungsträgerkern must be recompensated – for this word alone his fat arse should be kicked around the campus !
I may be paranoid, but there is something brewing. We possibly face a kind of Paradigmenwechsel, a really deep rooting change of the paradeigmata of our – not only German, but European –  society and history – how we see it, understand “it”: Man, society and all the interactions. Foucault anyone? I am deeply worried.



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