Shake Hands

Vladimir Putin  and Donald Tusk shake hands in a little forrest near Smolensk. Critically watched by Lech Walesa. Putin goes that far to bend his knees.
That is unheared.
I think I do not have to explain in detail what happened in Katyn (Ger., Eng., german article). What is more interesting in my humble opinion is that Putin stages this very important gesture or act now and what its impact on the relations between Russia and Poland and the EU and the global situation between Russia and the whole of the EU is or can be. Strangely enough euronews only brings a very short notice, similar to the NZZ, that simply acknowledges that something has happened. German newspapers like taz or FAZ bring it as news and according to their political coleur they emphasise on reconciliation or reserve. Only the ZEIT and the BBC cite the former polish secretary of foreign affairs Rotfeld (Ger., Eng.), who interprets the gesture as beginning of the last act of de-stalinization of the Russian society: This would be really tremendous.

On all these pictures and videos I did not see C. Ashton (Ger., Eng.), but I am sure the EU was represented. Of course it is first a bilateral affaire between Poland and Russia, but Poland is a full member of the NATO and, next to Sweden, Poland is leading in developing the European “Eastern Policy”, the “Östliche Partnerschaft” /”Eastern Partnership”. So it has importance for whole Europe when highly symbolic politics are performed in a Russian forrest. In the media the act was outshined by the signing of the latest START-treaty by Russia and the USA. At the festive dinner held in the Hradschin (Ger., Eng.) the American president assured the small Eastern states – non-Russian states that is – that America would keep at its traditional role as supporter of their freedom despite all that easing of tension and possible rapprochement between the superpowers.

Lets allow to get surprised by the combination of nuclear disarmament on international and the policy of detente on bilateral and European level: It is clear that politics are “made” today “in the East” – and “The East” starts somewhere behind Warszawa (Ger., Eng.) and ends on the Pacific coast. The largest part in between is called Russia.

Smolensk, Uman, Winniza … places my grandfather saw in the war, names I heared as a child.


Things that happen

Working as security assistant bears some surprises. For example I did not expect to be called a “Jesus murderer” (Jesusmörder). The crazy normally call early in the morning just in the (two) hour(s) before six o’clock – at this point the telephone is re-linked to the central customer’s service or how ya call it. Mostly tenthousand promille alcohol blast in your ear and you know how to handle. For some years an old lady called through the night to ask for time and date and sometimes – depending on her medication – a nice conversation could come up. Sadly she died last October. But this midday my colleague and I were taken by surprise, because above mentioned insult came up. I still do not understand what made us kill God’s son, but I am over it. My colleague is an ex-Jehovas-wittness and it touched some long forgotten layers of his personality. He truely wanted to go home.

In other news a trusted and seasoned colleague, kind of old battlehorse, managed to lock himself out of a high security lab. I guess he had some kind of blackout, it was in the middle of the night. But his reaction was stunning, because he phoned the customer, the head of saied lab’s security branch: Instead of keeping this mistake low profile he drew maximum attention to it – and next Thursday we all have to show up and will be explained how a lock works or something. Plain bullsh*t and very good for the image – “Those blokes are really too stupid …”
In other news: Missus Igor (yeah!) has finally managed to find another friend, but judging from the noises her taste did not improve, or she is unable to learn from earlier mistakes – the stomping, drunk shouting and noise of falling bottles indicates that she simply fell for another Russian superman. I do not expect too much, but it’s half past three in the morning and I’d like to sleep a little when I come back from work. Thankfully her new friend brought new music along the dirttrack and it is not the same boom-boom as it was. It is different boom-boom and it is classy now, because it goes boom-ta-boom. Welldone lad. Oh – spoke too early: they take a shower now, fine, good people, the orgy is over and we sleep clean: The lady plays in another league – now it’s fifty per evening …
Yes, I know, but I am really in a fowl mood now.



The day started, well … Igor plugged in the boom-boom and I fell out of my bed, what is astonishing, because I have no bed but a mattress on the floor. I realized that I had a bad headache, for no special reason, it just hurt. And did not get better after two cups of coffee and more bonk from above. Than my neighbour got a kind of screaming-outburst. She is a young woman with two small kids, very friendly and caring, no reason to get nervous about that: I think it is normal for mothers to have the feeling of having enough and there is something like the “nappy of death”: When you look one time too often in your children’s shit and realize that this will take some more time. Well, it is normal and nobody kills the kids, at least in western Germany, in the East they are different. Her fit of screaming made another neighbour yell too and it became really funny. Then Mr Do-It-Yourself started to bang a hammer against the wall of his apartment, he lives in the room under me. He finally started some machinery for reasons unknown and I swear my floor was shaking. At this moment I was ready to kill. I once had a beretta, don’t ask, a small reliable little pistol, 7 mm, no nonsense affair, if I would still have it there would be some dead bodies now, Igor first. I was very close to point blank, as close as not for years. Had to go.
I do not understand how it is possible to listen to such garbage the whole day. It is just bonk-bonk, 4/4-“rhythm”, marching-music. Besides of rap, what is just plain nonsense, there is nothing as stupid as marching music: Switch out your brain, march to the slaughterhouse, be a hero, get a medal, it is plain stupid. Igor loves that shit. Why is he not going to some little war and gets lost? Or maybe a friendly grenade rips off some unnecessary limps? These rap-“musicians”, especial the German kind, are sometimes just boring or even funny: These assholes try to be “men” by posing as mean street-fighting hard-boiled gangsta-types. Heavens. Looking angry, getting a tattoo, calling women bitches or worse and brabbling about “respect” does not make an arse a rose or a boy a man. A man wears a suit, knows how to behave and calls an asshole an asshole if need be. And he NEVER wrings golden chains around his neck, that’s for pimps and these are worms.
Point blank, directed by John Boorman, starring Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson; the rest gets killed.



As the prophets from downunder once saied: “Ain’t no fun waitin’ round to be a millionaire …” It was the second track on B-side of Dirty Deeds. Bon Scott was still with us.
It was noise. Loud, dirty and handmade. I can not understand that people do listen to machinemade noise and have the nerve to call it music. Take Igor: He listens to something that has approximatly 200.000 beats per minute. Absolutly no human sound involved, and no hand touching something like a string, a key or anything. It is electronic noise coming from a harddrive or out of a database, a programmer tuning some regulators, and that is it.
It is marching-music: Simple four-stroke marches.
ACDC and others of their kin made simple rock that rooted in blues. They used the 12-metre-thing and varied a little. It is no music to march.

I do not mind him turning his brains into mud, it’s his way of spare-time-fun, who am I to argue about that? I just would like him to turn his stupid bullshit a little lower so that I have a damn chance to hear Bon Scott! Maybe I’ll have to kill the bastard.

Besides the noise nothing interesting here. I am waiting for some positive news. It is reluctant to come.