Inter Stellas

Lets first get out of the way that my knowledge about wormholes, quantum mechanics and stuff relating to natural science in general, is very limited.
The world is saved. Again. No Clingons hurt.
This is the good news. Malicious tongues may greet the fact that Anne HATHAWAY (Ger., Eng.) in the end sits alone on a planet in another galaxy, behind the wormhole left (or right, or where ever, it’s behind the wormhole). Don’t get me wrong, I like Ms HATHAWAY. She looks cute in my eyes, and I am sure that she could act, if someone would give her a chance to do so. She has not much to do in this film but stare with large brown eyes & open-mouthed out of her helmet. She does a good job doing so. Nice teeth.
I have sympathy for the old warhorse Sir Michael CAINE (Ger., Eng), who impersonates the head of what is left of NASA and sends all these people out in space, through a wormhole – and is basically a big liar. Yes, this is  a spoiler, sorry.
Sir Michael has a nice little role and finally dies. Perhaps from laughing on his way to the bank, but again, only malicious tongues would say something like this.
Finally, there is the hero. He does hero-stuff, and in some sequences I think he’s really good, a certain Mr MCCONAUGHEY (Ger., Eng.).
So what’s it all about ?
If I understood it correctly it’s about saving crop farmers from extinction. Yes, they are saved in the end. But why not allow Mother Nature to run its course – and have another Mad Max-chapter ? Would be too easy perhaps, not philosophical enough, and GOd knows, have you seen one explosion on the big screen it’s enough, they look all the same, don’t they ?
Basically the world (or better: The US of A) turned into a kind of desert, being an engineer is a big no-no, history is re-written (moon-landing is a big hoax – I knew it!). Finally our hero meets (no details here) Sir Michael and is sent through the wormhole with some other people – their job is mostly do die in due course, HATHAWAY survives. Hero’s daughter stays behind, with her grandfather and her brother on a farm in the big dust bowl, and a ghost that communicates with her by throwing books out of the shelves. Yes, they have books, and they even read them, Mr Hero hates farming, damn intellectuals.
There was an earlier expedition to seek a new world, three still send data. Planet one is close to the wormhole, time is bent to the effect that hanging around on this surface costs a lot of earthen years. There is nothing, close escape, one man kia.
Second planet would have been the right destination, that’s where Ms HATHAWAY always wants to go to – bad luck. The surviving crew members doubt her decision, and insinuate that it’s based on her inclination towards the researcher who sits on this rock and not on rock-hard facts.
Third planet is seemingly nice somewhere (basically they sit on a piece of ice), according to what the surviving researcher says – it’s all fake, he just wanted to be saved, tries to kill Mr. Hero and wants to escape with the space-station.
Doesn’t work, much damage. Mr Hero finds himself in the middle of the wormhole and finally ends up behind his daughter’s bookshelf desperately trying to communicate with her by throwing books.
He seems to be successful, the strange place where he is, gets folded, Mr. Hero drifts into the big nothing.
The film could end here, but his daughter on earth puzzled all together, understood what Daddy had to say, and somehow saved the crop farmers. She even realised that Sir Michael once had a cunning idea and somehow managed to start all this, but please don’t ask me about it.
So in the end Mr Hero wakes up on a station on our side, from where they have started, of the wormhole, visits his daughter while she’s close to dying from old age, finds his farm musealised and decides that all this is damn boring & sterile. He steals a modern space machine and sets out to travel to Ms HATHAWAY, who is – as already mentioned – sitting on that third rock that looks a bit like Arizona, maybe, I never have seen Arizona.
Scotch me up, Beamy. Sadly they sold no Stella (Artois or other) in the pause.

I enjoyed the company of my friend, who had me invited to join him for this evening. I was impressed by the technical possibilities of modern cinema. I do not think that “Interstellar” is a must-see ; perhaps it wants to be too much, a dystopian vision, a space odyssey, a kind of meditation about love, I do not know. It was a nice dissipation after all.