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So the layout-game started – we want to leave a fine impression, don’t we? What I learned quickly is to press the “accept changes”-button. A little like in computer-stoneage, when every line was finished with “enter” (it is not possible to use the and write something in between – seemingly it did not change – aahh Dear Leibnitz! Does anybody still know DOS ?).

I want to thank Proxima for the kind permission to link to her blog. Hopefully others will agree too.

About the symbol I choose. I found it on wikipedia in an article on Yves Klein. I had forgotten his name and was looking for the Blue. Klein was a mad frenchman who was searching for The Perfect Blue: a monochrome, deep, brain-wringing blue. He found it.
In Frankfurt/M. was an exhibition some years ago – if you ever have a chance to see his works, especially these large blue “areas” (that’s the right name for it), go and see. Klein even had a copyright on a special blue. He was an avantguardist of purest kind and used different tools to bring colour to canvas, as flamethrowers, naked women and other. He died in his early thirties 1962 – I guess. Go and read yourself.

The image was there, in Klein’s blue and labeled: “The sign of chaos”. For me it is definitly no sign of chaos. And it does not imply that I would see myself as being pulled in different directions.
It shows a strong center and out of this center, in all directions, arrows of interest point. I see it as a visualization of a person’s mind that tries to look – and see! – in any direction. That is what I try.