The Cherry On Top

A bit of a rant, sorry. The last week or so just was ; there were strong emotions, a bit of drama, good times, a mixed bag of life. And lately something that vexes me seriously.
As I surely have mentioned earlier here, I live in a multi-party-house (I doubt that this word exists in English, it is the direct translation of the German “Mehrparteienhaus”), a block of flats with more than seventy tenants. A lot of fluctuation in the one-room-appartements, mostly rented to students, but on the other hand those who live here for longer than a few years learn to know each other and there is good neighborhood (“gute Nachbarschaft”). Usually.
On Tuesday morning we put out some things that should be removed from the appartement : A wooden chair beyond repair, a broken hoover, a small white cupboard I always hated, a thirty year old green desk chair with a defective mechanism and worn cushions. I put these things just to the right of my door in the “Flur”, the public space, I think hall is the usual word for this area. Accidentially the janitor dropped by, and I told him that I’d drive the things to the skip on Thursday or Frayday, he just waved and said “As long as I know …”, so all fine. He usually does not like things amassing in the hall, first because this is all defined as emergency exit (“Fluchtweg”), and second because he does wipe the floor once a week and then the stuff is in his way.
On Wednesday evening we returned late to the appartement after a visit to another neighbour, and noticed that the green desk chair was gone. I was not angry, but felt, well : miffed may be correct – a’ weng ang’fressen. It was my property I had put out there, and just because it is outside my appartement it does not stop to be in my possession. If one likes to have something, he she or it should ask. And if I am not here, leave a notice, like “Hello – I want to have this chair. Call me under this number …” And a “please” would also be nice. But just grab & go ? The lady next door has a nice pram besides her appartement door – do you simply take it away because you like it ? The name for this is theft.
It is a different thing when the community announces that bulk rubbish (“Sperrmüll”) will be carried away : Bring all that old furniture & clobber to the roadside, it will be collected and brought to the skip for free. In this case it is clear that the people who bring out the stuff do throw it away, and usually nobody will call it theft when someone takes something for his own, and carries it away. But inside the house, just next to my door ?
I plan to renovate my kitchen, which is of very limited space. I will have to put some things outside juat to be able to turn around – do I have to chain my fridge to the wall ?
Anyway, the small anger was outweighed by the now non-necessity to bring the cumbersome chair to the local “Müllplatz”, nowadays called recycling depot. And together with some other stuff I was given by a neighbour, that was what I did on Frayday. My vehicle has been resting for four weeks now, and it needed a bit of a run to bring all back to working order before passengers board, and I was allowed a skip stop by my dispatcher*.
Today I left my appartement to be greeted by the green chair, standing innocently (and cleaned) some meters away from my door. So it was not good enough for my stealing neighbour. If he, she or it (HeShIt ?) had asked me I would have pointed out that the mechanism is not working anymore, that the whole thing is beyond repair. (You do not want to sit on those thirty years old pads – if you start to replace them, or repair that gas spring, you can buy a new chair : “Recycling” that thing is not worth the effort, I mentioned this above, did I ?)
A little bit of thinking possibly could have led HeShIt to the idea that there is a reason why I put that thing outside my door – to do with it whatever I want to. And now I feel seriously pissed off (sorry) : Not only does HeShIt steal my old desk chair, but has the nerve to bring it back because it is not good enough. I feel absolutely no inclination to drive to the local civic waste collection point again. And it is generally a lousy state of things when you can not put something next outside your door (inside the damn house !) and trust that it is still there the next morning.

* I actually do work as a co-driver, we are far away from our regular schedule etc. I just act as stand-in. And yes, it all starts to get on my nerves. I start to sound like an old geezer.

Just Another Worried Idiot on the Web

I can’t help, but I have to watch the news. It is fascinating to see what develops in the US.
I think it is fair to assume that Trmp’s presidency has ended now. I do not believe that someone in his right mind – if someone in his right mind does still serve in this trainwreck – will obey orders from this ex-President. Especially re the nukes, I think the world can trust the American military : These are highly professional people, and I can not imagine that a USAmerican officer will start the nuclear holocaust on the orders of a deranged arsehole that tries to grab the last straw to “save” himself and his corrupt administration.
It is over. It may be wrong to compare, but I have the impression that Trump’s White House becomes more and more a caricature of a certain Berlin bunker.
Anyway. The dam has broken, the damage is done, it is now all about damage control.
I think the most important question is now what will happen after the 20th of January 2021. All we know now is that Trump will not attend the inauguration of his rightly elected successor. What simply rises the question, where will Donnie be – and stay ?
The worst possible situation that could arise, is that Trump somehow dies. If he simply drops dead the hard core mob will go into hyper-drive (is this “warp speed” ?), and I think then the danger of armed, brutal unrest is not only high & real, I think that in this case bloody real fighting will breake loose. They will not believe that he simply croaked, a new martyr is born, myth-making will start before he hits the ground.
I think the divine intervention will not take place, and the old battleaxe will just soldier on. What leaves basically two possibilities : Either he stays in the US, working tirelessly on his “comeback”, on installing the Trump Dynasty, holding “rallies”, and being generally a payne in the arse of this country until he dies peacefully in his bed. This would mean that the Republican Party (or what is left of it) sooner or later would be faced with the possibility of a kind of split. IF this party finds the cojones to draw a line, and to end the flirt with far right, dangerous militants, vulgo Trumpists.
This may be wishful thinking, but at the moment I can not imagine that they carry on as they did for the last years. Trumpists like Cruz, Cotton and Co. may have to find another club, but the party itself has a chance to re-invent itself. Of course it would also mean that there is a far-right, anti-democratic, violent movement installed that is here to stay. What reminds me of what Trump said in 2016, when he always blabbed about “the movement” and himself being “the leader”, exactly like Adolf, der Führer der Bewegung. Didn’t he say just in one of his last speeches that “the march has just begun” or something ?
The other possibility is that Trump signs some pardons, jumps on an aeroplane and goes to places. Scotland, for some golf – wonder how Boris would react. Or for a lenghty visit of his tower in Moscow – don’t laugh, I think this is a real option. Or he could go to this mystical island he supposedly bought – don’t know nothing about this, it is hear-say.
These two mentioned possibilities require that Trump a) has the brains left to organise these things, and to develop a kind of plan, and b) that he has the means – simply : money – to pull this through, for himself, and his entourage.
I doubt both. I doubt a) because it requires insight into the actual situation. And as I understand it, Trump has no more “insight” into what is “real”. I seriously believe that this guy is out in his own reality that has no more rapport to the “real” world of us small humans. I doubt b) simply because he started to collect money with this semi-fraudulent “re-election fond” shortly after the election. Trump never was a billionaire, rich yes, but not stinking rich. And what he showed through all his life is the inability to handle money. I simply guess he has a deficit problem, to put it mildly.
In the end, all my warble is futile. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, within the next ten days, and beyond. Trump may either piss off, and keep yelling from somewhere on this planet to a hopefully dwindling throng of believers ; or he may go fully Adolf and call them for the last stand, call openly for violence, rebellion, and overthrow, happy 20th then.
A way out for all involved, possibly even in the interest of “the Nation”, could be to declare him insane and to commit him to an institution, Guantanamo perhaps. But this is just a pipedream …
Trump is just a symptom, a nasty mushroom – the underlying mycel is still there. It is even strengthened. We saw the irrational break into the world, into a place that should be used for rational decision making, a place that should be safe, where civilised discussion should take place. The irrational is just a stone’s throw away.
When the assembly came together again, some blokes from Pennsylvania made a frivolous claim to overthrow the votes. A lawmaker reproached, they came close to throwing fists, Pelosi threw them out. The lady must feel like presiding over a

To Chip In My Three Pennies

I do not see the fact that Donnie Rotten payed 750 $ federal tax for the two last years each as a scandalon. It is capitalism at work*, and I feel certain that the people responsible, surely mostly tax lawyers, did their job well – so it is without doubt all legal, and watertight.
It is also brazen, remarkably shameless, and morally banquerotte – but hey ! Look at the client – and if you are still surprised, I must ask you seriously where you spent the last four years ?
I find two things much more interesting. When you channel money away from the stately authorities, you create “black money”, Schwarzgeld. Where did it go to ? Of course there are the usual suspects, like Ireland, South Africa, Channel Islands, some Carribean affairs. This is a nice job for some agents, who like puzzles.
The other question is of course, where did the money come from ? Remember that Donnie Rotten payed for some things, for example that Scotish golf nonsense, in cash. And if I remember correctly for one hotel (in Atlanta ?) too. This does not reek, it stinks of money laundering. As I read, the files go back eighteen years. When was Donnie so active in Russia, together with his old “friends” (who now are out of jail) – wasn’t that in the early twothousands ? Maybe these files help to explain what exactly the connections are between Donnie Rotten and Deutsche Bank – that criminal institute that runs to this day the National Bank of Cyprus, the biggest money laundering machine of them all back in those years … why does the word “statutory period of limitation” pop up in my head right now ?
These files are a map. And in the hands of a good pathfinder, this map could lead to something interesting. Or disappointing – when we finally learn for how cheap the Russians bought their man.

* Wer hat, dem wird gegeben. Oder : Der Teufel scheißt auf den größten Haufen.

Kanye For President !

Political rant ahead, sorry.

In despair and disgust I look at the news from the UsofA. What happens in Portland – and soon will happen in other cities – is something right out of the dictator’s textbook.
Let us assume that you are a ruler and feel that you slowly loose the grip on yer subjects. A protest movement grows, and it seems not to go away. It has dangerous potential, and you need to get rid of it. Of course your usual fearmongering runs on full volume, but these damn protesters do not follow your script. So you do, what you always do : escalate. And you do best escalate, when you give these pesky protestors any chance to radicalise themselves fast : Attack them !
In the images I see from Portland I see no “police”. I see white men in military gear who shoot rubber bullets & sting grenades, who gas people, and randomly kidnap some civilians. It is just one step below using live ammunition and let people vanish. I see them behave like an army in an occupied city, simply because that is what they are. This is not “policing”, this is terrorism. Shooting sting grenades at protesting mothers, letting people vanish from the street – that is what you expect from some third class military despot in Southern America, not from an only roughly “normal” USAmerican “president”. But this is what happens under the rule of Donnie Rotten, the little fuehrer.
And I fear it is the blueprint for things to come in the next winter. Donnie Rotten “does not lose”, he always wins. And he is a sucker for violence, he was really frustrated when the images of looting undermenschen did not get produced in Tulsa. So the rightful protestors, and inhabitants, of Portland shall fill the scene – and of course his Verfügungstruppe will show up in other places where the major and the gouvernor are Democrats, “fucking traitors that they are …”
Any opposition ? Forget the Republicans, spineless worms do not rebel against the ass in which they comfortably live.
The Democrats ? Write a letter. Ms Pelosy says that “we live in a democracy, not a banana republic”.
The Democrats want to carry on making politics based on insight, understanding, and compromise. And on the opposite side of table ballons the smirking visage of Moscow Mitch, the embodiment of corruption. Who bakes new judges like bread rolls – all of them of course based on political affiliation, not on juridical competence -, happily undermining the independence of one of the columns democracy is built upon.
It IS a banana republic with institutionalised corruption (what is basically okay, because the foreign ruler or CEO knows how much to pay where, there are clear tariffs), with free reign for a money “elite” (I always hated this word !), and a non-existing public debate – shouting matches on fackbuk are no debate. Now throw in public violence top-down, and there you go. It all happens openly, in real time, nobody can be “surprised” when – in the worst case – a coup d’etat happens next winter. It is a not so outlandish scenario : Donnie Rotten could declare martial law with “all that violence on the street”, could claim that the election’s results are void (IF it really takes place), and make himself “for the good of the nation” something like interim dictator.
You think the supreme court would intervene ? I doubt. It’s full of loyalists, one liberal member is seriously ill – a bit of a gamble, but Donnie has taken lesser chances.
You think the military would intervene ? Why should they ? Donnie Rotten loves the military, they’ll get anything they want, would they risk a civil war ?
The “street” ? Count the dead.
The Democrats are seemingly sure to have won the election. Like they were in 2016. Nothing is won. Nothing is sure. It is no direct democracy, and the primaries showed that the anti-democratic forces called “Republicans” do anything, use any dirty, rotten trick, to manipulate in their own favour – they surely will not stop, they’ll go in balls to the walls.
The virus ? Works just as a catalysator, helps to bring out what is already there : Real Americans do not wear masks.
The chances for a Machtübernahme are not that bad, surely it is worth to be considered.
Amerika, mir graut vor Dir.