Shut Up, John – It Makes No Difference

Out comes a new book about Donnie ROTTEN, but it brings nothing really new, as it seems. Who is in command of a not entirely Zombie like brain, and watched what Donnie ROTTEN and his gang pulled off over the last years, is not surprised about those “disclosures”. If the author, who calls himself a “patriot”, would be a man, he would have dragged his sorry arse to the impeachment panel and put an end to scum’s rule of Donnie ROTTEN & his outfit of greedy pigs – but he chose not to.
Maybe this is how it is meant to be. After all a democracy lives from the people’s vote – even when one ruling party does everything to make the democratic act for parts of the population as difficult as possible, and in doing so, actively obstructs the democratic system, obviously in order to stabilise and conserve the rule of a mob that sells self-enrichment as welfare policy.
The whole system, the state, the society, has only a chance to survive when a change comes from within, when the souvereign, id est the American people, puts an end to the farce by legal means, which is by ballot. Notorious idiots – and there are quiet a few armed dipshits around – phantasise about “solutions” by bullet, these are those deplorables who think they can shoot a virus.
And Donnie ROTTEN himself ? Is nowadays unable to grab a glass of water, and must be lead from the stage after the gig. The man is a gabbling idiot, who can not finish one damn sentence properly. I read excerpts from his “interview” with a Goebbels-scholar from the propaganda outfit, and it really astounded me (again) how uninformed Donnie ROTTEN actually is, and how unable he is to form a thought, follow and express it. It all ends in nirvana. I already said it, I repeat it : Donnie ROTTEN suffers from a not properly treated, and / or healed up form of (neuro-)syphilis. Soon the symptoms will not be ignorable anymore, even for the most spineless, bootlicking Republican.
It is possible that the world will face the really disturbing situation in November that – with the little help of some foreign friends – Donnie ROTTEN is declared winner of the election, and an undeniably crumbling, braindead zombie just keeps sitting in the White House. If this happens (and frankly, I am not convinced that it is impossible), then there will be a new world order without the US – that happily and voluntarily dwarfed herself into a corrupt banana republic run by an inbred riffraff of imbeciles. Was fallen will, das falle.

Heck, Yeah

Just when you think it’s okay to switch on the news again …
I could not watch the every day “briefings” in the White House, simply because after two minutes latest the feeling of Fremdscham (Eng.) became overwhelming. Maybe I should rethink. Never thought that I’d say this about this President of the USA, frankly.
Normally I go with the roundup at CNN (usually titled The 20 Wildest Lines, or similar), but today’s news made me look. I really thought it would have escaped from a satire site, but obviously, no. Disinfecting with light is nothing new, but “to bring it into people” is definitely a new & ground braking approach. Maybe we all should suck on some uv-lamps. Better gulp it down and shine from within.
And then there’s the alcohol. Finally something I can relate to. Our trusted Franconian disinfectant is Sylvaner, and boy, we can use it ! But injecting ?
Mankind injected a lot of things over the last maybe 150 years, I do not know since when modern needles were produced. But I guess the common consensus is that injecting “for cleansing” is not necessarily good, unrewarding. Where’s the high in that ? Take advice from a man who knows (play it loud, raw & unwashed) :

I guess I have to rethink my attitude towards Mr TRUMP. Having watched his last happening, I think it is adequate to speak about him as the Greatest Living Performance Artist. He’s better than his friend & fan Kanye WEST ; forget ABRAMOVIC (Ger., Eng.) and Co, who still wrestle with old concepts of “meaning” or “sense” in any way : TRUMP easily transcends this, is the pure moment, and whatever comes a-way, the real Steppenwolf.
Excuse me now, I have to disinfect.


I feel small ; old ; bucklig, hunched. Is “consumed” the right translation for “verbraucht”, is “washed out” more fitting ? I do not know. I feel like a spat out chewing gum.
Occasionally I look into he bathroom mirror, yes the one with this charming light (one bulb is broken again, it’s always the right one), and look at myself. “Take a good look at yerself and describe what you see. And Baby, do you like it ?” As Led Zeppelin put it.
I honestly can say that I do not like what I see : A puffy face with red flecks, greeny-black bags under the eyes ; everything falls down, even my stupid nose.
The working week just was. The news, ah bah. Some pollen do their nasty thing, Haselnuss und Erle (nut’s’n alder) on yellow alert, oh yes, bite me. What concerns me is that yesterday the views of my blog spiked up to one hundred (!) with just two American visitors. The dashboard says that only the main, starting page was visited / seen, no other posts.
What is left is sleep. The hope for deep, undisturbed sleep, preferably without dreams. Last week’s dreams were disturbing, unsettling, I’m glad not to remember.
Now, come on Morpheus, time to trundle off.

Sunday Music, 27th of January

This morning I did not know how to react.
Reminded me of a similar situation some weeks ago. We were driving in the late afternoon through bad weather, and all of a sudden the potatoesack said “kids like Lucian (let’s call him Lucian here) should be aborted, wenn man’s richtig nimmt. All the costs they create …”
Get it right – Lucian sitting right behind her, the others on their seats.
This is right out of the nazi textbook. I was petrified, and through my head went some things : “I slam this car into the next wall !” “I will from now on never tell this fascist pig anything about me, all she’ll get is lies.” “I shut up. Better than yelling.”
Do you know the German expression “anwanzen” ? As I understand it, it means to try to establish an understanding of company, like blinker the eyes and “we know, eh ?” A kind of unspoken understanding and acceptance.
The potatoesack did not stop after this statement, but continued along this line – “sure you agree, eh ?” So I told my first lie, and said “I am pretty catholic about this.” And because she is thick as a brick, she only understood that I am catholic, what I am not. Later she mocked this, my fake belief, in a pretty arrogant tone, and I just fixed her eyes, and she shut up.
Today is the 17th of January, the day the Red Army reached Auschwitz. And put an end to this hell on earth. It was in the news this morning, and promptly the potatoesack started whining along the good old fascist line “there must be put an end to this. We are not responsible – yadayadayada. And, of course, nobody speaks about German “Opfer”.
And again : “And you say nothing, eh ? Sure you agree ?!”
No, I do not agree. I said that I have Jewish friends, and that they may see this a bit different. Promptly she started backpedalling – she “knows Jews too” : In the end she saw a Jewish man in some place in Franconia. Oh no – never meant it “that” way …
Of course she did.
I have to share the cramped room of the vehicle with this person for another two-to-three weeks. I already have asked my dispatcher for another co-driver some time ago last year. He literally fell on his knees, and begged me to go on. It is possible that this will not work, maybe some day I will explode and throw her out in the middle of the woods.
Uneducated, un-reflected, manipulable like clay. I do not say that I am oh-so-educated, or that I would not be manipulable. And of course, my self-reflection could be better. But at least I know that these things exist. At least I try to use my brain.
This creature is brain-dead. Bauern schlau, of course, what possibly can be translated as “shrewd”, but I’m not sure. There is not one single trace of critical thinking, or imho, thinking at all left in this skull. All truth comes from fakbuk, no questions allowed, everything else is lie. Standard utterances are : “They do not tell us the truth !” “He’s a foreigner (or something else : homo, Jew, “so enner”), but I can’t tell nothing bad about him.”
There you go.
It is alive, it is here, I see and hear it every effing day.
How can you grow up in Western Germany, become nearly seventy years old, and talk so much crap ? And mean it.
I know that “truth” is a complicated thing, that every human being, in the end, creates its own version of “truth”. But I learned also that there is a way of communication, of civilised discussion, a way to hold these ideas (or illusions) of “truth” next to each other and compare them. There is (or better : should be) always the possibility of learning, understanding, accepting even.
But here is nothing. Not even proper use of the native language. This creature only reacts to likeness (in any sense, especially the fakbuk “sense”), to imagination unquestioned. Some of you, venerated readers, may know my family name, and it is not very “German”. When the potatoesack heard it the first time, she asked me “So, what are you …?” She said in the local dialect something along the line “un’ was bisd’n du für enner, hä?” I did not know what to reply, and finally said “Is the name of my family not German enough for you ?”
The answer was silence.
The creature is not even clear enough to communicate her prejudices in her own language.
I am sorry for this lang blah. Let’s get on with it, we need music. Heavy metal thunder ? Punk ? Bah – a peasant’s dance, with greetings to Herr BACH, the best antidote to the daily barbarism : Here is Jethro Tull’s Bourée from the 1969 album Stand Up.
I hope you like the music, may your daily grind be free from barbarians.