Brain Bubble

The promised rain (and the promised drop in temperatures) just evaporated. Instead it became hotter, the “official” weather thingy says 34° C for today & tomorrow, my appartement says 27° C a few minutes ago. Maybe the sauna starts on Frayday, or maybe not.
My phone made squeaky sounds and demanded an update, finally I gave in – and watched my “data volume” vanish in the haze (purple haze ?), including a warning that things would soon be very slow. I use this apparatus only for phoning, not for internet access, the occasional photographic picture, sometimes sent. I am not in the mood to check my contract, yadayada … may they do what they want.
My brain is seemingly half shut down, now and then a thought bubbles to the surface. Some thoughts circled around those Unknown Areal Phenomena, that’s how UFOs are called nowadays. Obviously there are objects that do strange things on the fly. Objects, things, they are, simply because they reflect whatever radar beams we send out. Pilots watched these objects, and could not get their heads around what they saw. Now it seems that the USNavy seriously starts to investigate what is out there.
I do not think that we see extraterrestrial objects. I think VALLÉE (Ger., Eng.) was the first (I may be wrong) who came up with the interdimensional hypothesis (Eng.). It says in short that these objects are not from “outside” but from a terrestrial origin.
Life seems to be anywhere in the universe. I read that physicists came to the conclusion that we live in a more than four-dimensional space (height, length, depth ; time – of course in my layman’s understanding). If these two things are true, then there is life in other dimensions. And these are everywhere, Earth including.
I have no clue how life may look in a more-dimensional space, but it must be there. And it must be all around us. Maybe these unknown objects are just probes, explorers ? Or the damning enterprise of a multi-dimensional salesman like Musk, who sends adventure seeking billionaires to the “unknown place”, to visit the apes ?
I never saw an UFO, and am not keen to encounter one. As a young child I may have felt the “presence” of “something“, but these are very faded memories I surely can not recall, and do not want. I watch the moon storm up to its zenith, and that does it for me. A little bit of sleep would be nice also.


Look Out

Some days ago I visited an old, green thumbed man, who has reduced his once sprawling garden into a very carefree affaire that demands just some cutting of the lawn nowadays. He pointed to the apples rotting in the meadow – they are all too early ; the trees throw them down because of the drought, simply because they can not keep to the regular schedule. He also mentioned that at least one local creek fell dry.
Two days ago we decided that it was time to go out, air the brain & move the flaccid body around – so a visit to a nearby recreational area with lakes and a small river – that would be it. The lakes were still there, and locals were still bathing, swimming, and drinking beer in naturalibus, but the river is gone.
Larger rivers like Kocher and Jagst e.g., or the Neckar, have remarkably low water, of course a danger for fish and other wildlife. Transport by inland vessel on Rhine and other Wasserstraßen becomes difficult, the loading capacity must be reduced – hence more vessels needed, hence more cost.
At least the South of Germany is spared (large) fires ; some hectares of woodland were destroyed by fires in the Spessart and in Northern Franconia, but this is not comparable to the fires in the Eastern Federal States, which in itself are far far smaller than what our Southern neighbours in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Southern France had to endure.
We have to reduce the amount of natural gas used for heating, in order not to freeze off some limbs in the coming winter, thanks to Vlad (and our idiocy to trust this fine man !), so some cities already closed public swimming baths to reduce costs and consumption. It seems that there is a connection between natural gas and production of electric energy, another area that may see some difficulties in the (near) future. I also remember to have read that our electric grid’s digital administration is already infiltrated with foreign maleware, or viruses. Thanks again, Vlad. Or Kim – who cares ?
All I know is that the cost for heating, warm water, and energy in general, will soar sky-high. Things will become uncomfortable for the average citizen
It is unhealthy to look into the news too long, bookmark articles etcetc., the image is bleak nowadays. The only highlight is the search and seizure action at the little fuehrer’s whorehouse – there is still a chance for the American Federal State. But I doubt that this will comfort me in the coming winter, when I’ll sit rolled up in a rug at my desk writing my thoughts down on a piece of paper wile the candle gently smokes. I only hope the ink will not freeze.


Just Aside

One would have to look up the definition by the criminal code, but Merriam-Webster (Ger., Eng.) defines in its online edition “treason” as “the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance ( … )”.
It seems that not one single member of the USAmurigan ruling class can be arsed to look into a Dictionnaire. This country is truly ruled by weaklings, who have never heard of the words responsibility & duty, or grasped the concept of “allegiance to the State”.
As I read, the traitor plans to throw out thousands of state officials when he will have returned to the trough, they will (at least in part) be replaced by “fighters against the “Deep State” – so that there will be no more “State” left, just an openly corrupt kleptocracy.
At least everything will carry a nice & clear price tag again.


One of Those Again … sorry

Last week I read two pieces in “the news”. And what makes me write about this, is the feeling of doom they caused. It is only comparable to the moment when I realised that the little fuehrer will be the next president of the US, sometime back in September 2016.
I did not follow the hearings about January the 6th of last year closely. Simply because I had followed what happened, and the terrible aftermath. These hearings are necessary : No one can say now that he, she, or it, did not have a chance to get informed. In itself these hearings are a good sign of a living, and perhaps even healthy, democracy.
What they proved beyond any reasonably doubt is that what happened on this date was no accident. It was not simply a speech that got out of hand, a mass of people who got out of control. What we see is a planned attack on the core of democracy, that is the peaceful and legal shift of power from the outgoing administration that lost, to the incoming administration that won the legal election. The little fuehrer knew what he was doing. All was prepared, the fraudulent replacement “electors”, the henchmen for the violent part, a kind of nerve centre was established in that hotel.
You know how it played out. The little fuehrer was so close to become the big fuehrer, but the putsch that would establish him as authoritarian one man supremo of the US did not work out. And all this should and would have been known & proven back then : If the USA would not be a banana republic the little crap would already be doing time in prison for high treason. The “conservatives” Republicans caved in, and nowadays the traitor holds court in his Floridian whorehouse, and brags openly about his return.
What brings me to the first article I read (here) about a Republican apparatchik who testified in the hearings. And then says, obviously in full command of his mind, that he would support the little fuehrer if he would return. And what hit me violently is that he is not alone : This seems to be the mindset of the average Republican mandarin – they will support this “man” again !
That is what I call a “Good German”. That is what one could hear after the 8th of May 1945, like a litany : I just followed orders. I am not responsible, I am simply a small wheel in a big machine, of course I am innocent. To say in the same breath that the constitution is something “saint” is blasphemous on more than one level.
The other article I read (cnn, npr) is about the “platform” the Texan Republicans, well, formed. Says that BIDEN is not the legitimate president, guns are good for you, and more – read it for yourself, please.
As I understand this is vox populi (hence vox Dei ), that is what the ordinary Tex(i)an Republican thinks, wants ; and I believe it is representative for what those ordinary Republicans in other parts of the US South think, and want. They want to follow the little fuehrer, come rain or sunshine – what means that they embrace the lies, the racism, and the violence. And of course, they want to get rid of democracy, at least in the broad sense. “Democracy” is for Whites only. Niggers, pacos and slitty eyes may meet Mr Gerry Mander, they are all just “staff” after all, and may rot in the ghetto. Women shut up and bear children. Dykes and sissy boys better change their attitude, or else. And this is always and everywhere, the “or else” – the threat of violence. Guns for all and everybody, and guns are nothing else but violence in metal form. In the end a problem can always be solved with the help of a military grade automatic.
The terrible thing is that I have absolutely no feeling of exaggerating, of hyperbole – I think I convey the thinking behind this “platform” correctly – it is what they want. And the apparatchiks say that they’ll support the traitor when he will come back.
I think that this society as a whole, can not survive this. What manifests itself here is older than “maga” ; the little shit and his minions are catalysers, they showed up at the right place at the right moment in history. But this development is ongoing, unstoppable, and irreversible. The point of no return is behind us. I am sure that this society will violently implode in the near future.
It will be another great day when president deSantis and vice-president Greene will appear at the G-something or the UN to deliver groundbreaking, great (!), speeches. This will be not only Rock’n Roll, this will be punk. And this is what they are, all of them, punks.