Charles Fort was an un-orthodox american writer.
Alfred William Lawson was an un-orthox american … man. He led a colorful live and besides anything that is to be said about this man: He was original, he really worked for his fellow man, and he made a good figure in a senate’s hearing in the beginning fifties – that is more than can be said about a lot of his contemporaries that had the pity to come in such a situation! Remarkable exceptions were Bogart and Hammett (!).
I came about his studies in Lawsonomy by chance and later learned that his university is still in existence. I found this site to be the best collection of links regarding Alfred Lawson, although I have no idea what this “squidoo”-thing is about.
Lawson is clearly a mad man, but – as I see it – of the loving, caring, doing-no-harm kind. So go and learn about Lawsonomy!