“You can suck my ‘phytoes’ ” I was told in a friendly manner. It’s not something vulgar biologic the President of the Galaxy would enjoy, but the mere loving offer to use the last few Lutschdrageés sold under the name “Phytohustil” ; they contain Eibisch (Althea) that fights the terrible & hurting need to cough. It’s Saturday afternoon and for the first time since Sunday I sit at my desk and my computer. This “Grippe” hit fast, only three hours from beginning headaches to staggering through the appartement and falling into bed on last Sunday, and was effective : I felt weak and helpless for days, had fever and was simply laying from Sunday evening to Wednesday without any notable activity, except coughing. At least I’m five kilograms lighter. A good start, still some to go ; it helps that spring is looming somewhere out there and that means outdoor activity etc.
And it’s the best chance ever to finally get rid of the tabacco, why should I litter my freshly cleaned lungs with that nasty stuff again ?
I was so glad to have my papers sorted and having brought all that stuff up to date, now there’s another  – if notably smaller – heap of official letters that need some attention, action even in some cases, it never stops.
I have not looked into the news, GOd what will have happened anyway ? Idiots kill people, vanity & stupidity reign as usual. I noticed that google started another try to clean their net, this time forbidding nudity – and, arrogant as ever, declaring that they know and decide what is porn or un~ / acceptable : The power to define. According to FOUCAULT there sits true power, not within the discours, but when one can define the limits, what is in, what is out. Ah yes, the web according to some middle-aged American multi-billionaires’ ideas about moral – and of course, “you are free to leave if you do not like it”. The same “love it or leave it”-attitude as years ago when I left, after Leni Qinan and MJ were filtered out. I only hope that “waves of perverts” join wordpress now. As far as I’m concerned it works easily, I exported, I imported – et voilà. Enough things to tweak, just select a template with a nice font – go and find out for yourselves.
Now it’s time for tea, sofa, and some gentle music.




Pfff …

At the beginning of the last week I received a letter – exactly speaking I got the letter on the Friday before the last weekend; I could figure out what it all was about and refused to open it: Why do people like attorneys or institutions send their mail with the unpleasant news towards the end of the week? “There, we kicked you in the groin – and have a rotten weekend ! BWUAHAA …” Must give extra pleasure. I spent my time mostly with writing job applications, searching for jobs and waiting.  Still no news from the bookmines, this waiting part slowly goes to my nerves.
So I had a look at my g+ account and finally deleted the whole thing: I de-googled me. It was a mix of things that made me do it. First of all I never could get warm with the software, the screen; I always found that circle-thing unhandy – but it’s a great idea nevertheless. Then it rolled down like an avalanche in the middle of my screen, tons of genealogical related posts and topics etc., some without doubt very interesting, some possibly not so. How to separate – without living in front of the screen ? After all I spent too much time online already. Many people simply republish their blog posts. I prefer the blog and can read this on a reader of my choice, without the google circus.
Basically it was wrong to mix the blog and the business thing. The serious historian and genealogist Mr. Mago will publicly appear on LinkedIn – and stay there.
When I clicked through the links and searched for the delete-all-option (it’s not hidden, it’s plain there – google changed this) I looked at all the “services” that are connected with the single innocent google account. It’s a lot, including geo-tagging and face recognition, covers your professional and private persona, and – if you use it – your money also. A long way from that humble new search machine years ago. We sat in a bureau and looked at the screen that was white and empty except for the input prompt. Yahoo, Lycos, webcrawler, the netscape search thing, altavista – all those pages were laden with stuff, advertisements, news: google was not. It was cool. And it was fast.
Today it is also a search engine. Basically its a money machine run by megalomaniacs: It does not show you the web via the search results “as is”, but “as we think you like it”. They call this better results. You can look at the google world via maps; look at google videos via youtube; put your texts / spreadsheets / calendar and whatnot in the google cloud; give them your rants dreams ideas and feelings via blogger; give away your pictures via picasa; allow your face to be recognized mechanically and your movement through space be monitored via google maps and your portable – of course we need this number for your own security; and finally read the google filtered news.
If their headhoncho says he dislikes what the NSA does, I can not help but feel a bit punked. Or to describe it with a word I know: verarscht. Sorry, this is rude. Don’t repeat it in civilised society please.
And since “the incident” some years ago we know what happens when your blog does not fit into the algorithm. It’s deleted, including all your comments on other blogs. A form of damnatio memoriae. That leads to the fact that some of the conversations on older posts of this blog (posts that were written when it was still a blogger blog) can look a bit awkward – simply because the comments of two people are missing, Leni Q. and Mistress MJ. This happened by accident, something with a spam fighting program or such – as I remember a proper explanation was never given. And both were restored because readers flooded this “help”-forum. If you have no loyal bunch of readers ?
Am I the only one who sees the possibilities of manipulation in this ? If a state or another authority would like to find something against a blogger, wouldn’t it be easy to produce something ? Am I kidding ? Do not forget that there are parts of the world where you can go to jail for blogging and expressing your ideas. And with all due respect: If I do not fully trust the gouvernement, why should I trust a company that wrings the last penny out of my online existence ?
Enough of that. I have to run errands now, play lotto, and wait.


Pour me another one …

Leni mentioned the Hofbräuhaus in her comment to the last post, and that a friend of her would visit the place in October.
“In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus …” – exactly. Since 1607 (Ger.).
A Brauhaus – or Bräu(haus) in dialect – is a brewery, commonly with a taproom where the brew is sold. “Hof” means simply court, the brewery belongs to the court, in this case to the founder duke Maximilian I. of Bavaria (Ger., Eng.); a Bürgerbräu belongs to the citizens of a town: The brewery is lent out to a landlord who administers and manages the business, the responsible entrepreneur or contractor; he pays a fixed rate or a share of the profit to the proprietor, who gains a steady income, be it the court or the civil administration of a town.
The Munich Hofbräuhaus is in possession of the stately Bayerische Hofbräu. The main and original parent house am Platz’l has room for more than 2000 guests, smaller Hofbräuhäuser still exist(ed) in Bavaria and other places. For example the Hofbräuhaus in Coburg was founded in the 19th century by the duke of Coburg. After the end of Coburg’s independence 1919 the brewery was taken over by the Bavarian firm Paulaner (1921), who finally ended the tradition there 1981, after 123 years. Today the buildings house the Hochschule Coburg. In a way this is a typical story for the development of brewing in Bavaria: In Alt-Bayern few large breweries emerged, while in Franken small breweries stayed independent, struggled and at least partly survived. If you count the numbers on this list of “Breweries in Bavaria”,  you will find that 287 are in Franconia (179 alone in Upper Franconia), while Alt-Bayern (Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and the Oberpfalz) sum up only 237, with no particular centre. This is a detailed list of Brauereien in Franken.

The Hofbräuhaus am Platz’l is a unique place: I hope your friend, Leni, will have a good time there.


Google doesn’t get it

As told in this post google started a major cleanup at the end of last week and in the course of this action MJ’s Infomaniac and Leni Qinan’s Escritora y peligrosa were wiped out completely: With google-mail-account, services, and ALL COMMENTS, including all comments both online personalities ever did on blogger blogs!

Meanwhile both blogs were re-installed, see this post, but a problem remains: Leni’s and MJ’s  comments get erased on a regular basis. That means that Leni and MJ are  forced to comment anonymously on their own blogger blogs.

Eros took things in hand and started again to poke the online “help” forum of google.

I can not believe what google does here. They simply wipe out online personalities, restore it only half-hearted, and seemingly have no second thought about comments and their meaning: How come that google erases half of my conversation with another blogger?

That is damnatio memoriae. It is abuse. It is wrong wrong wrong.  As far as I can see there is still no explanation given, even less an apology.

Leni meanwhile  moved from blogger to WordPress (see her text at Savannah’s blog here), I moved, and others seriously think about it. Google blogger – and google as a whole entity – should be sent to a class about communication. Further walking down this road will ruin their image  in no time.

Carry on, fools!