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Some time ago I mentioned the architect Antti LOVAG and his “palace of bubbles” here. As I learned from this interesting article (only Ger. sorry) meanwhile a book is published about him: Pierre ROCHE: Antti Lovag. Habitologue. France Europe Editions, Nizza 2010. 98 S., € 25.–.  LOVAG, meanwhile 91, is still active and planning. For an English article about him go here.

I needed to hook up another computer to the web, a not too modern laptop, and it took hours to update things. Now I only have to make it start and shut down a bit faster and all will be fine; it’s the google machine. Very friendly people invited me to have a look into google+,  it’s a bit confusing at the beginning.

Now it’s correcting again – ah for the sake of it … for the vague promise of a bottle of Pálinka sometimes in August … friends …



All done so far. No need to go downtown, just some lazy days ahead. Next week I’ll go for a short visit and after that again a few quiet days. On second of January the engines will start again.

Proxima is moving to a new house. It is rectangular and has wallpaper on it’s walls. That made me wonder: What about a house without right-angles and without wallpaper? This automatically leads to the “Futuro”.
The “Futuro” actually was not a house but a after-ski-hut and – of course Amanda – it is of finnish origin and design: Architect Matti Suuronen introduced it 1968. It was a commercial failure, because not too much people wanted to live in flying-disc-like house and after the oil-price-shock in the beginning 70s it simply became too expensive: It was made from plastics. Production rights were sold throughout the world in its haydays and so Futuros can be found in Northern America, Russia, Australia and in New Sealand – there are seemingly the most of them left – and still in use. As Suuronen once saied: No need to paint or to maintain; it needs a cleansing from time to time.
If you have the possibility to use a library that allows (inter)national access, get this book: Marko Home & Mika Taanila (Eds.): Futuro. Tomorrow’s House from Yesterday, Helsinki 2nd imprint 2003. It comes with a dvd, publisher is Desura Oy Ltd. Here is a fan-site that lists the world’s Futuros. If you are interested in such strange constructions, have a look at this site listing roadside architecture, it is very good addition to my very first “Catch of the week” “Roadside America“. A german article about Futuro and related matters can be found here.

But round houses existed before the Futuro and one of the most interesting is by Antti Lovag, who built a “palace of bubbels” at the cote d’azure: The “Palais bulles” in Théoule-sur-Mer that once belonged to Pierre Cardin. Lovag seems to be an interesting man whose biography should be written.
More than 80 years ago a pretty large round house was built in Dresden, the Kugelhaus. Unfortunately there is no english version of the site. From the Kugelhaus nothing is left except some postcards.
Futuro and colleagues are a nice springboard to not so common design feats like archigramm, BFI and Frei Otto. Have a look and enjoy!