The human voice is the first, the primal organ: We can hum, shout, whisper, scream, speak, follow given rhythms or letting it flow free, high low and all in between. As a kid I was able to produce a very high, sharp, bird-like cry/noise that could be heard over some hundred meters; it was useful in the forests just as in the city.
Sometimes it can be very good to go out on the countryside and shout, just letting out frustration and anger by roaring: Makes the throat rough, but helps with the blood-pressure, best with throwing something around. When you put on black leather clothing it is possibly a little like attending a metal-concerto …
This week’s catch is the “Introduction to Mieskuoro Huutajat“, the “Men’s Choir The Shouters”, who performs for 20 years now. They have a colorful repertoire from finnish traditionals to classical pieces. Under “Audio and Video” you find examples of their art. I deeply regret that I could not attend their last concerto held in Warsaw on 2nd of June at the Finlandia Vodka Event, I am sure it was worth it: As I was told the conductor levitates regularly.