When I woke up in the not so early morning (I usually get up at nine) I had a warm apartment, my books on their places, quite reasonable clean, even an other coffee-pot so no reason to do the dishes … It became real cold around here in the last days.
At nine (before coffee) Superdriller came in. He told me that they would start Now. And walls had to be free, and there is a box in the wall they need access to and there should have been an explaining letter, hm?
Yes, there has been a letter, but nobody told me where they would drill what holes and I am not ready to carry some thousands books around in advance. I told him that I do not care for these shitty box(es), I just want to know where they need a “free wall”. He showed and left. It is cold, I stored around 12 m of books somewhere and may wait for Superdriller and his crew. Whether they will make it in the afternoon?
It is of no use to start working on the database – I will have to stop. It is a little like writing an article or a text for a customer – when I start I will have to finish, I must stay with it. The only acceptable brake is for eating or sleeping. I envy people that have the ability to disrupt their work on such a thing seemingly without any trouble and – what is more important – can start and continue where they stopped.


This is just a quick update: Mr. Telekom does not want to fix anything – I should not have been rude to him. It is my fault, I know … He knows that I will be after him, when everything is fixed – I know where you live Telekom-Man!

No, it is not that bad. I have to press my books into the given space and it does not fit – some have to go and I have to deceide which – that takes some time. I had to go through a lot of personal items from my parents and other family-related things and can gladly say, that I managed to ged rid of many. In a way I put an end to a phase or stage of my life. One box is enough.
Slowly things drop at their right place. I did not forget the promised photographs and at the weekend I will post them with a longer text.

Have a good time and don’t mess with telekom-man!

Moving 3 – Chaos reigns

The new place is filled with books and boxes, I managed to hit me with a hammer – yes, all prejudices towards spectacled desk-sitting historians must be fullfilled. My old place, where I am wrtiting this, seems to be pretty large … The “promiscous books” (LGS) fight back – the study is still in their hands and they refuse to step back. Next Saturday will see me driving and loading a transporter again. Mr. Telekom saied that it is absolutly impossible to pull the plug here and to in-pull the plug there, too simple – a technican has to see for it (and of course for the sixty Euro they want to cash in). So be it. It is a lot of work to be done besides normal business.
Today I tried to decipher a kind of bill from the 16th century. It would be helpful to know what language it is written in and other facts to its history, but the current owner does not know very much about it. Promises some fun and a nice billing. But step by step: Next step is to locate a usable bed for tonight.

A little late, but hopefully still just in time: The new “Catch of the week”. “Shocking videos” is a collection of really strange motion-picture-productions round the world. And the only source I could find, where “Blast of SIlence” is avilable. I doubt, that this man has viewed all flicks in his programm – reading his descriptions can be fun in nearly any case. Maybe you find your favorite there?

Moving 2

Halfway. Emptied the corridor and the living room from this pest. Now they hyde in the study, deceitful bastards they are. Looking nice and neat in their cloth, dusty most, brownish or clean white untouched – even strangers I find: NO MERCY! I’ll get them all. They do nasty things in the night and breed … I have to put an end to this!