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Sunday Music

What a fitting title – because a sun-day it was.
I went out and it was pretty sobering. Not that I had been drinking through last night, but actually walking in the sun showed me clearly that this infection is still not gone totally. After some hundred meters I was coughing an wheezing, but I chose to ignore it.
While on my way I clicked some photographic images, here are two to illustrate how this day looked.


View into the Franconian Wilderness on Sunday 15th of October 2017


Another View into the Franconian Wilderness, taken from the same spot, just a little bit more to the left


While one looks into the wilderness, houses are built behind one’s back. That’s what “P3” is for.


Middle of October may be a bit early for a Christmas lp, but “My Favorite Things” is a nice little song, here in the version of Mr Kenny BURRELL (Eng., Ger.) from his album Have Yourself a Soulful Little Christmas (1966) (Eng.) … aaawwwhhh ….



Hope You enjoy the music. May the week be peaceful and sunny for all of us !



Sunday Music, Monday Edition

It rains. The weather people talked about the promise of a “golden October”, but at the moment it looks more like an early November.
I drive again, it’s as if I’d never been away. I have to get into the rhythm again, but I guess it is just a matter of days.
I looked for some music, undecided I staggered from Blues Rock to old-fashioned Progressive, from late Romantics to Schönberg (whose music I heartiest dislike) … only to end up in early Baroque or late Baroque or somewhere in the 18th century, again & again.
I want something with “uump”, and possibly found it.
Josef MYSLIVEĆEK, il divino boemo (1737-1781) (Ger., Eng.), delivers : The overture of his opera Il Gran Tamerlano (1771) (Ger., Eng.) has enough “uump” to make one curious for the rest – here in a pretty accentuated version conducted by Josef KUCHINKA (1980) (Cs.).
I hope you enjoy the music, and that we all may find the necessary “uump” for this week – it shall be peaceful : GOd may protect us from “world-historical” events of any kind.



Sunday Music – Early. For A Change

I feel lousy.
Whatever bit me last weekend, it is mean. The terrible irritation is gone, but the cough now sits really deep inside and hurts. I eat three grams of antibioticum a day, and do not feel that it helps. At least I can sleep, oh yes : Usually, when working, I try to make sure that I have at least five or six hours sleep, and this works. Now I go to bed and sleep for ten hours – blanked out, gone, for ten (!) hours.
What makes me wonder is that sometimes I have the feeling that time is slowing. Everyone knows the surprise when a look at the clock proves that more time is gone as felt, as expected. For example when one reads on the web, allows distractions etc. – one looks at that round thing on the wall and it is more than one hour gone. It feels like “just some time”, but time went fast.
I encountered several times over the last days that time slowed down. I was reading articles, following links – all the usual – and had the feeling that e.g. an hour had passed – in fact it was only thirty minutes. This may on the first look be “nice”, but I find it pretty unsettling. It means that my feeling for time is finally wrong.
What alarms me a bit is that “being awake” and “sleep” … sometimes both states seem to overlap a bit more than usual, being awake consciously frazzles out on the edge. As long as I still sit here, or lay in a horizontal position, this is no big deal, but it can not be allowed to go on.
I have no clue if & if so, how, these two perceptions are connected. All I know is that I sit here, cough and wheeze, and I can not say that it got better since I saw my doc for the last time. On Frayday, when he gave me without any discussion the antibiotics. He wanted to give me a sick note for next week, but I refused. Now I think this was hasty.
I should work on Wednesday again, and have had the fair hope that until then … But as I feel now, as cougher extraordinaire who produces quality slime, and collapses after roughly four hours – that is when the brain shuts down for an hour or so – I am not that sure anymore. I think I will ask for some additional days off. The idea to drive a vehicle with a bunch of kids is really out of reach now, in the end a no go, it would be irresponsible.
Today, when not sleeping or staring into the Franconian wilderness, I clicked through this website, and liked it : Historical photographs from a private collection, mostly late 19th and early 20th century, images of North-American origin. I wandered through 2009 to 2012, and will see the rest too, making stupid comments.
This Sunday Music also has music, but first of all it is a documentary, called Nettezza Urbana, city cleaning, directed by Michelangelo ANTONIONI (Ger., Eng.) (1912-2007). Yes the director of Blow Up (with David HEMMINGS appearing as a piece of wood) and Zabriskie Point (that at least has an acceptable soundtrack).
Now lets follow the men who clean the capital. There is only one capital of the world : Roma.
Maybe Pejing will come close in the near future.
I hope you have a quiet, clean & healthy week ahead.



Books. Again

If there is nothing else to do but cough & wheeze, I can at least put that heap of books back into the shelves.
Here is the list of books I read since the last list from end of July. If you should be interested, the earlier posts are tagged “books”, of course.

RAGON, Michel : Ästhetik der zeitgenössischen Architektur. Neuchâtel (Ch) 1968 (Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts. Edited by Marcel JORAY)
RAGON (Ger.) (born 1924) is a French intellectual whose œvre contains fiction and non-fiction, from modern architecture (exhibition) via historical social movements to a dictionary of anarchy.
The message of this book is simple and can be condensed into one sentence : Concrete is great !
He writes a hymn about LeCORBUSIER and other modernists who built white cubes : MIES van der ROHE, NEUTRA, WRIGHT, SAARINEN, NIEMEYER, CANDELA, TANGE. Some of the architecture is undeniably great, while other pieces may have stood the test of time not so well. Anyway, the b/w photographs in this book are generally very good, always a pleasure to look at.
Marcel JORAY (1910-1996) founded the publishing house Editions du Griffon in 1950 and was the editor of a series about modern art – he organised the first Swiss exhibition of abstract painting in 1957. In 1977 he edited a book about concrete in contemporary art.

Sizilien. Reisebilder aus drei Jahrhunderten. Edited by Ernst OSTERKAMP. München 1986
For the armchair traveller. From RIEDESEL’s (It.) trip (1767), a friend and scholar of WINCKELMANN, to the top of the Aetna, to Ernst JÜNGER and the Swiss author Gerold SPAETH in the 1970s – impressions of Sicily collected by Ernst OSTERKAMP. With additional material about the authors. Nicely done.

Reisen in Nippon. Berichte deutscher Forscher des 17. und 19. Jahrunderts aus Japan. Collected & introduced by Herbert SCURLA. 6. Auflage, Berlin 1990
This tome collects reports about travels in Japan by Engelbert KAEMPFFER, Georg Heinrich von LANGSDORFF and Philip Franz von SIEBOLD.
SCURLA (Ger., Eng.) lived through two German dictatorships & showed a certain ability to adapt.

Caroline de la Motte FOUQUÉ. Geschichte der Moden 1785-1829. Als Beitrag zur Geschichte der Zeit. After the original from 1829-1830 edited by Dorothea BÖCK. Berlin 1988
Caroline was the wife of the oh-so-romantic poet & writer Friedrich de la MOTTE FOUQUÉ – for both of them it was their second marriage. She was not untalented, but in a certain sense never emancipated herself as a writer from models, “prototypes”, notably her second husband, who had been a successful writer, but fell out of favour and could not re-connect to earlier success. She had to write for money and did so in the Journal des Luxus und der Moden (Ger.), a very unique source. Her history of fashion is possibly the text where she is the most at herself.
About the editor, Frau Dr. BÖCK, I could not find out more.

GERARDI, Gertrud : Bilder aus Franken. Eine Auswahl von Bildern aus der Fränkischen Sontagspost der Nürnberger Nachrichten. Nürnberg 1960
Just black/white pictures of a Franconia long gone. GERARDI (Ger.) was an important German press photographer in the 1950s and 1960s. She documented the rebuilding of Nuremberg.

GRIESINGER, Peter : Biberach an der Riss. Ein Gang durch Vergangenheit und Gegenwart einer alten Reichsstadt. Fotos von Hans Klose. Biberach/Riss 1967 (?)
Just another of those books of only local interest. Nicely done, text well researched, good photography. Found nothing about author & photographer.

SCHÄFER, Hans-Peter : Die Anfänge der fränkischen Eisenbahn. Würzburg 1985
Very well done history not only of the origins of the Franconian railway, but gives an introduction into the Bavarian travel & transport planning of the 19th century. I could not find more about SCHÄFER. He seemingly was the head of the ill-fated “Unterfränkische Verkehrmuseum” that existed between circa 1988 and 1999 in Gemünden / Main.

Klassischer Journalismus. Die Meisterwerke der Zeitung. Collected & edited by Egon Erwin KISCH. 1. Auflage, Berlin 1982
A classic by E.E. KISCH (Eng.). Here as part of the complete edition of KISCH’s works by the old Aufbau-Verlag. This is the new one.

Perhaps some of these titles are inspiring your own reading.