Ssshh …

Happy New Year to All.
And Best wishes for savannah the birthday kid.

Did I miss something?
I go back to sleep.





Back again! New year started hazy: Fog fell fast from 11:30 on and when people started their fireworks shortly before 00:00 the fumes of gunpowder did their part. At 00:15 the next house was unrecognizable, even street-lamps could not be seen anymore. At the same time the fog provoked an astounding acoustic phenomenon, there were a lot more echoes: It all became one big rolling rumble. I was at a friend’s place, sipped my prosecco and finally went to bed: It was a peaceful evening.
This first day of the new year was also very foggy, cold and lazy. Thought of Dave and what he has to do on this day … It is a very good thing that we do not know the future. We can make plans, can give us the illusion of stability, duration, continuity, but it can change very fast or very slow, but all will change.
I wish to all visitors of this site that they will have the ability to adjust to the coming, will not be lonely, and become or stay healthy.