While I slept, worked & tried to get rid of unwanted memories, the world kept on turning. Strange things happened.
I did not follow the speech of The Leader, the usual melange of spin, half-truths & plain lies, but two things found me scratching my head. The remark about Northern Korea, some idiocy about a “bloody nose” – does Donny Dipstick really want to start a war ? He’s sick enough for this.
The second thing was the whole enactment, the stage production. I am not familiar with these speeches about “the Uniom”, so I do not know whether this is the regular proceeding, but I found it pretty disgusting : Especially when The Leader generously waved at his pack of sycophants and allowed them to rise for the standing ovation. Way to go, Donny : In 30s Berlin and today’s Pyongyang they jump(ed) up when da leadah was / is only looking at them. I think at least one person did not get up – and thus surely learned what it means to be different. The hype about this “memo” is just nonsense, it is a smokescreen. The only thing it proves is that The Leader really has something to hide, and is ready to use any means to save his lousy arse. Possibly even a war.
Regarding war : In occupied Poland Germany erected extermination camps. The actual Polish gouvernement just passed a law that prohibits to speak of “Polish camps”. What at first glance seems to be a legitimate thing is sadly a part of the national-conservative rulers’ (so far succesful) attempt to re-write history. This is the reason for historians from Israel to oppose this law. The leaders of the PiS-party simply want to establish that the Poles were all innocent victims of the German aggression and had nothing to do with the extermination, with the holocaust. What is simply wrong. Poland had & has a history of antisemitism. Through the second world war there was collaboration – not only in Poland, but in any country we invaded – and there were  (of course !) Polish individuals who became guilty as Kain. There was not “only” Jedwabne (1941), but Kielce (1946) too (see). But PiS is re-writing history – and of course yells for compensation for the damages of the war, happily ignoring international treaties that already have solved anything in this regard. It is pretty sickening.
Sickening too is what happened in the German parliament some days ago. A member of the neonazi party gave a speech concerning his party’s ideas about the reunion of refugees’ families. It was stuffed with nazi formulations and showed nothing but a concept of man Himmler would have approved. The head of the Green Party finally had enough and yelled at the fascist. The President of the Parliament did nothing. When questioned he said something along the line that “it must come out”. He meant that those brown swine shall expose themselves. I only hope that his trust in the stability of the German democracy is justified, but, frankly, I have some doubts about this. The nazis are elected, they are now, while the Social Democrats form together with the Conservatives the ruling coalition again, left as the largest opposition party. This does not show me the fears & angst of the electorate, to me it shows its barbaric dumbness and aggression.
And sadly enough, dumbness, aggression & ruthlessness is what these three depicted situations have in common. We live in an age of shamelessness – and I do not mean naked skin or presented tools of procreation. On the contrary, there seems to develop a new kind of prudery when pictures of breasts are not allowed on so called “social” media, when museums unhang paintings (!), and a breastfeeding woman is looked at as a monster.
But you can shamelessly belie like a president, shamelessly lie about historical truths like a Pole, and shamelessly use nazi-speak about human beings like a German “politician”. If 2018 continues this way it will be remembered as
“The Year of the Shameless Swine”.

Sunday Music

I feel a bit blue. The weekend that was, simply was. Tomorrow is another day, start of another week, end of this month soon, things will be better. No doubt about it.
What will not be better in foreseeable future is the state of the German society, especially its stance towards refugees / asylum seekers. The events in notorious Saxony over this weekend are just the tip of the iceberg. I think it is the toxic heritage of the former socialist societies, societies because it is all the same in Eastern Germany, Poland, the former Tschechoslowakei, Hungary. I do not understand it, but I think I can tell the symptoms.
Back in last summer, early autumn, when it became clear that a large trek of people was on its way towards Europe from the Middle East, conferences were held, there was a kind of “key” how many people what state should accept etc. : The Eastern states simply & blankly refused to accept any refugees. Exactly those blokes who now fence and wall their national borders.
Last week it was in the news that one million of asylum seekers came to Germany last year – and boy I heard a lot of crap from some co-workers about that. It is the total number. Even conservative estimations state that one-third of these people are coming from the Balkans and have no chance of any refugee status what-so-ever, and are sent back at once, or when the paper-work is done. Leaves us with – six-hundred-fifty-thousand ?
Reduce those guys from Northern Africa who were already crooks in their homelands and come here for a happy crook experience – again, conservative estimations said this would be a tenth of the total amount, leaves us with roughly five-hundred-thousand people. This is btw the number the responsible authority gave out as to be expected for this year 2016. From toddler to old man, all included : And about these people is not yet decided, so the real number is just somewhere behind the horizon.
Those heads of the states mentioned above, the Vishegrad-group as they are called after the place where they gather, do not only refuse to follow along the lines of European solidarity, they also happily do things within their states that are alarming and appalling. They simply are working on reducing democratic institutions to rubble and turning their states into what can be called “Demokraturen”.
One of the first actions of the new Polish gouvernement was to make the secretary of justice the highest attorney of state. This may sound innocent, but by this they simply kicked out one of the most basic democratic principles, the separations of powers : Now the man who “makes” the law is the one who also runs the institutions that enforce this law. It goes without further mention that they also reached out for the highest judges.
The Poles follow the Hungarian blueprint. Let’s not forget that gulyash-Putin Orban is successfully running his antidemocratic course with substantial support of the openly fascist Fidesz-movement. Openly fascist as in marching through Budapest in uniform-like outfits, openly fascist as in threatening Jewish people (not only intellectuals), and any other “un-Hungarian” person – definitions are open, as in what Goering said : “Wer Jude ist, bestimme ich !” / “I decide who’s Jewish !” Yoh.
Besides this we saw something very interesting in the last weeks. There was a report in the news that a girl would have been raped & killed by “migrants”, a girl coming from a Russian-German family. And all of a sudden demonstrations were held by “Russendeutsche” in small-to-middle-towns all over the place. Each & single not very large, perhaps four hundred people max., but from North to South they came together, marched silently to the local “Rathaus”, holding up their paper signs reading “We want safety !”
Do not get me started about the whole idea behind those people who are called “Russlanddeutsche”. But what is amazing is the fact that they are usually the most silent and quiet group in the prospect of the populace. They usually drink their vodka, live quietly, visit their markets where they can buy products from Russia they miss, and look astonished and ashamed on their drunk offspring. Yes – I am not very objective here. The point is that a usually very silent & carefree part of the population all of a sudden is organised and shows up in public as force. And yes, they are voters too.
The news of the child-victim can be traced back to a news-outfit in Moscow, you know where all those free & independent news organisations roam. Even the Sowjet Russian secretary of Foreign Affairs mentioned the case, and brought it up on the agenda in bi-lateral discussions. Of course the whole thing was a canard.
So they showed what they can, what they are capable of. Someone thinks that it is a good idea to de-stabilise this society, or, to put it better, it would be a good time to start activities that could lead to a inner-German social crisis, or aggravate what is already brewing – look at Saxony, where the brown mob rules the streets & they burn houses, neat occasion to add a little fuel to the flames.
It was a mistake to expand the European Union towards the East, the Balkans are not Europe. The Balkans start somewhere behind Vienna.

So, here, some music, at last, after all this blah. Of course I thought about linking Tom Robinson’s Power in the Darkness – originally from 1978, everything changes and still stays the same – but actually I feel more inclined to Rory’s power :
Rory GALLAGHER, Crest of a Wave, loud hard and funny from 1974, more than a generation ago – hope you enjoy it !



Interesting Women: Countess Lanckorońska

“Polish art historian” – this is really a bit too sparse as description for this woman.
Karolina Maria Adelajda Franciszka Ksawera Małgorzata Edina Gräfin LANCKORONSKA (1898-2002) (Ger., Eng., obit.) was the child of count Karl LANCKORONSKI (Ger., Eng.) (1848-1933) and his third wife Margarethe (1863-1954), a born LICHNOWSKY. The brother of Karolina’s mother was the count LICHNOWSKY mentioned here. Karolina had a sister Adelajda, and a half-brother from her father’s first marriage, Anton (1893-1965), none of the siblings married.
She grew up in Vienna, where the family lived in a pretty large palais (Ger., Eng.) that sadly & unnecessarily was destroyed after the war. The large art collection left little Karolina with no other choice but to seriously study art history.
The countess was a romantic patriot. She learned the Polish language from a gouvernante, her father wanted her to speak English and French, her Prussian mother preferred to converse in German. So when in 1919 the Polish state finally came into being she became a Polish subject. She stayed in Vienna, studied art history and did her doctorate about Michelangelo in 1926. Ten years later she habilitated at the university (Ger., Eng.) of Lemberg (Ger., Eng.), today Ukraine, where she received an assistant professorship – thus she became the first Polish habilitated art historian altogether. Her brother took care of the family estate in Galizia.
In 1939 Poland was not only attacked, but divided and Lemberg was occupied by the Red Army. The palais in Vienna (and everything in it (!) ) was seized by the then German gouvernement. The family estate in Galizia was lost to the communist state. To escape the imminent Stalinistic deportation (think Katyn (Ger., Eng. !) she went into the German occupied area in March 1940. She had already contact to the Polish resistance and in Krakow she met the head of the Armia Kraiowa (Ger., Eng.) KOMOROWSKI (Ger., Eng.), aka general BOR. She worked for the RGO, a Polish caritative organisation, and as courier for the AK.
At the beginning of 1942 the countess came to Stanisławów (Ger., Eng.), today in the Ukraine, where the local head of the Gestapo, Hans KRÜGER (Ger.) had her arrested. KRÜGER was a bloody murderer, and during an interrogation he bragged about his involvement in the massacre of the Lemberg professors (Ger., Eng.) of July 1941. This was a part of HIMMLER’s plan to eradicate the “Polish intelligence”. KRÜGER btw was jailed for other murders and crimes he committed, not for the Lemberg massacre, even the SS itself had him arrested for a year; the countess tried in vain to reach his conviction for this crime in 1968.
Countess LANCKORONSKA stayed in Gestapo jails until she was sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp, yes – full circle, where she arrived at the beginning of 1943. She was not executed in the Ukraine because the Italian Royal family had turned to HIMMLER in her favour. In March 1945 she was put on a transport to Switzerland, after the head of the Red Cross BURCKHARDT (Ger., Eng.) had intervened – I think these transports must be seen in the light of HIMMLER’s attempts to negotiate; he seemingly seriously thought that he could get away. So the countess and other people survived because the head of the SS used them as jetons, tokens.
The countess now was a Polish emigrant for the rest of her life. She first lived in Switzerland and later settled in Rome, where she helped survivors (Ger., Eng.) of the Anders (Eng.)-Armee (Ger., Eng.).
She did not accept a call to Fribourg university (Ger., Eng.), but stayed independent, kept on publishing, took care of the remains of the family’s art collection – she donated it after 1989 to the free & democratic Polish state – and founded the Polnische Historische Institut in Rome.
“Formidable, frugal and fit”, as the obituary describes her, she survived all of them. Interesting woman.

German politicos

“It is not the creed nor the nationality – it’s the man himself.”
Celtic Glasgow

The following deals with German politics, so the links lead mostly to German sources.

Normally I do not write about politics here – first, because politics is a dirty game and the staff is mostly mediocre at best, and second, because I do not believe that the actions of German politicos are of any interest for people who read here.
But the events of the last weeks first made me very angry and second made me think, and look around – and I do not like what I see.

Punctual to the annual Sommerloch – that is silly season when all is shut down, everybody is on vacation and there is nothing to report in the news – a certain Herr SARRAZIN (Ger., Eng.) announced that he had written a book. (Rezension here). It was all very well orchestrated and he got maximum attention. S. was senator of finance in Berlin and when it was the turn of this federal state they shoveled him into the board of the Bundesbank. As senator S. very much liked to pose as provocateur, as “the critical voice”, as “the man who speaks the truth”.  So in 2008 he calculated that these lazy bastards living from public money can have a healthy diet from the threehundredodd Euro they have a month to spent, and if it’s cold and you can not afford to heat, put on a coat yah wimp! Please note – this is not Old Knudsen speaking, it’s the senator of finance of Berlin (Germany). Earning a whopping 11.500 Euro a month.
So when the Oberbürgermeister finally had enough they made him member of the board at the Bundesbank and expected him to act like a respected member of said institution, that is mostly discreet, prudent.
But Thilo felt fear about Germany and found the culprits: Stupid immigrants. He blabbed about intelligence and heredity, about rates of birth and made clear that Germany’s days as christian bourgeoise society are numbered: The Islam will take over. He staged himself as deep thinking intellectual using scientific material and results, putting them together in a logical way and coming to alarming results that need to be spoken out against this ruling weak minded idealistic Gutmenschentum, that refuses to even name the problems.
The scientists whose materials he plundered turned in anger: Frau STERN made clear that Thilo did not understand the concept of “Intelligenz” and I think the boys from the Bundesamt für Statistik had a bad smirk on their faces when they showed how Thilo used their numbers – basically he simply choose a point where the graphic showing the birthrate of immigrants pointed up and the one of non-immigrant Germans pointed down – and prolonged that in time, coming to the alarming news that the stupid Islamic immigrants will outnumber the intelligent Christian Germans in – I do not care when, in 120 years? Really fine it became when he discovered the “Jewish gene”. I think that this is  Himmler’s wet dream, and again we have Rasse as category – with a big “R” and SS in the middle.
The Thilo show rolled for some weeks. Yesterday he put in a letter asking to be allowed to resign from the Bundesbank board. I do not know how they finally made him leave, and I do not care. He will tour the country now and sit and read from his pamphlet and enough idiots will hail the outspoken hero.

Frau STEINBACH (Ger., Eng.) is still (not much longer) a member of the CDU leading circle and president of the BdV (Ger., Eng.). The CDU is the gouvernement party today. For years there’s a German-Polish project in the making, the Stiftung “Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung”. Steinbach wanted to take part in this organization, but the Poles and others said “NO!”. She backes now two blokes from South Germany who nobody has ever heard about, until lately when these blokes came up with their version of the beginning of WWII. Having heard it, the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland cancelled it’s involvement with said project and wrote a letter to the secretary of cultural affaires, Herr NEUMANN (Ger., Eng.). In this week the leading circle of the CDU came together and things were discussed. Frau S. said that the German mobilization of August 1939 was only “the second step” [sic!] into the war, a reaction on the Polish mobilization of spring 1939.
Took me a moment to think about.
So the Führer was right: From 05:45 we shoot back.
This is incredible. From the goddam wars we had in Europe over the last 150 years, the beginning of the Second World War is not disputable. What we face here is not “just another opinion” – it is a bloody lie and falsehood aimed to exculpate the convicted criminals!

Sarrazin and Steinbach are symptoms. Both are  members of the leading bourgeoise parties here, SPD (yes, Sarrazin is a member of the SPD!) and CDU. Something ugly arrived in the center of this society, or woke up, not only in Germany, but in Europe as a whole. It’s seemingly all right to argue about vererbte Intelligenz and use islamophobic and rassistic arguments; it is seemingly all right to forge and lie about history. In Hungary the nationalists sit in the parliament and march the streets of Budapest in their nice black uniforms, the “first Hungarian Nationalsozialist” is venerated again. For some years now in Romania streets are again named after the beloved leader Antonescu (Ger., Eng.) – how many did he  kill? Anyway, the French deport them gypsies back to Romania – European citizens! – one or another of them old camps will surely still work. Austria is more or less openly xenophobic and in Italy the fascists strengthen their organisation and use football as vehicle for their propaganda.
What I see are mediocre uneducated politicos, without any idea about history and historical thinking. The adorable Hildegard HAMM-BRÜCHER (Ger., Eng.) is right, when she says in this interview, many politicians are anti role models.