Time for a new catch.
It is “Puddleboy Rules” by Backy Vandermast of Hammonton, New Jersey.
If I googled it right, Hammonton is the “Blueberry Capital of the World”. I like blueberries. They have two newspapers there, the “Gazette” and the “News“. All the shocking facts about Hammonton can be found in wikipedia, as usual.
What is nowhere mentioned is the fact that there is a huge dump, that reaches in parts back to the WWI era. I remember to have seen a rough sketch of it with dates on puddleboy’s site. Puddleboy some time ago simply grabbed a shovel and started to dig. The amazing finds are documented on this site. Also have a visit to his other site, where he puts “useless” pictures and he’s on flicker somewhere.
I find it fascinating. It is archeology as it should be!