Movie Clip Wednesday

“Favorite animation” the boxer said.
There are some animations I like. For example “la linea” (Ger., Eng.) for it’s striking simplicity; everything Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park; the inescapables from the sixties like Wile E. Coyote, whom I liked best because he never gave up. Here the cheap, phantastic and touching Japanese monster flics must be mentioned, Godzilla marching over the model railroad is so cool! The atomic subtext can’t be missed.
But one lady deserves special reference and reverence, Lotte Reiniger (Ger., Eng.). From the early 1920s until the seventies she made silouhette animations, often together with her husband Carl Koch, who worked for Renoir on “La Grande Illusion“. Her films, long or short, were of wonderful quality; due to the tide of times and events we call history what we see today are mostly copies of copies (see article on AWN here).

Here is a short one from 1937, “The Tocher”, she and Carl somehow managed to produce while living under restricted conditions as refugee-tourists in Britain. Do not miss to look for her works on youtube, it is worth it, an expressionistic dreamland.