Tonight I did my round as “security assistant”, for the most part it was uneventful: You just go through doors and spaces and look for things that should not be there like fluids on the floor or open doors and windows, routine sets in. On some occasions I have to meet another man in blue and he gives me some keys. This time I found him outside, smoking and looking a little shakey. I thought, as it is a hospital, that some emergencies had happened. But no, he stepped on something.
He has to do a round through some areas of the hospital, at least near the entrance where he sits. The entire hospital-facility is very huge and covers a not so small hill, it gets expanded now and further up the road are very large new buildings stuffed with the latest technical equipment.
On his way back through a corridor he stepped on something that cracked. It was a cockroach, big, black and not alone: They entered a bureau and had established something like a road. He shut the door, avoided barfing and went out to have a cigarette, where I met him.
In this part of the world cockroaches are not too common. They are here but normally unseen. And they avoid the open space and light: These bastards simply walked on in the light and made no attempts to escape, as if it would be their bureau. It is a professor’s room filled with a lot of books, I saw scientific encyclopedias or lexica and some series, bound in leather or at least half-leather. I fear if the man takes out some of the lower shelves there is not much book left. This room is not far away from the hall … it makes no good impression when the roaches march through the entrance-area greeting the patients, relatives and visitors.
Something must have gone wrong, normally the population should be limited and kept small enough to stay unseen, but here they seemingly start to take over, at least they try. I wonder how the management will react. I would start total chemical warfare.