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Now and then I meander towards the bookshelves and take out something that grabs my attention.
This time it was a book with photographs of old things:
Tote Technik. Ein Wegweiser zu den antiken Stätten von Morgen. Fotos Manfred HAMM (Ger.). Herausgeber Rolf STEINBERG (some books he edited). Einleitender Essay Robert JUNGK [they should realy re-work their site!] (Ger., Eng.), Berlin 1981.
I think it was not yet called “urban exploration” then. And it hits me like a ton of bricks, its 32 years since this book was published!

They show
– “Gemäuer des Krieges” (Verdun, Maginot-Linie, Atlantikwall, (Ger., Eng.)),
– Barry Docks (Eng., pics,  flickr),
– “Versunkene Häfen (New York, Brighton, Port Winston),
– England’s last aircraft carriers (Ark Royal and Eagle in Cairnryan),
– “Ruinen der Montankrise” (“the ancient age of coal and steel”),
– “Die neuen Pyramiden” (heaps of dead cars in Philadelphia and the West Side Elevated Highway in NewYorkCity),
– “Tod in Tucson” (the airplane cemetery in Arizona),
– “Frühe Stätten der Weltraumfahrt” (Cape Canaveral after Apollo), and
– “Morsche Mailer” (ruins of the “atomic state” (Atomstaat (Ger., Eng.) as we used to call it back then, before the Green Party even existed; nuclear power plants at the end of their life cycle) – everything becomes history).

There’s noting to it, just a book and some links. And 32 years.