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pffff ….

This week was a little exhausting. To learn my ways through the different settings I had my training every night, mostly under the guidance of Peter the old hand. Actually he’s a kind of old freak, I would not be surprised if he’d stuff some homegrown in his Shisha from time to time. I manage my two standard-rounds now and when things go smooth I will do three locations in a row. Place (b) is still creepy and will stay so. Peter showed me some ways in there and I am sure that none of the co-workers goes to these places. Not that there is actually something bloody or smelly or disgusting: It is all very technical, clean, artificial. But the aura is bad and bothering. As I see it now Peter and me are the only security personal that really go in! It’s a little like a high-security-prison. I once visited the new prison in town, it was a part of the installation of the new lay-judges, so we know where we sent people to.

Thank you all for the good wishes, all very appreciated. It will work for some time. Monday afternoon I will have my first seminar of this semester, surprisingly enough I am allowed to give two hours again. I should prepare myself!

The new catch(er) of the week is Rummelsnuff. He’s unique, that’s all I can say about him at the moment. My speakers still do not work, sorry Proxima, so I did not hear his stuff. It is described as something between techno and “Einstuerzende Neubauten”.
I am eager to know how his voice sounds: Very large men tend to have pretty squeaky voices, remember Tyson who could not produce the expected roar but just a “piep”; a historical example is Bismark, who also had an impressive physis but produced a high and thin pitch.
Hello sailor …