Breakfast aftermath

I know that I said in the comments from the last post, that I would write about history next, but I re-read the comments on the breakfast-post and the wheat grabbed me, so to say. I simply could not imagine, what that “Shredded Wheat” bylamplight was talking about would be, and tsduff‘s explanation made me even more curious about that strange thing. A first look in the Webster confirmed my suspicion, that it is made from a dough.
Wikipedia told me, that wheatshredding was the invention of Henry Perky, a lawyer, businessman and inventor, who lived from 1843 to 1906. Here you can see a short history of the wheatshredder’s business in Niagara Falls; there is a collector’s site too.
Modern Shredded Wheat seems to be good for the heart and anything else – at least are there many colorful sheets, graphs and whatnot that show all the nutrition-data of wheat-shred that are probably to be found: I do not understand one statistical graph, nice colors then. This is a simpler version.

The most important question is not answered: How does it taste?