What’s the difference?

Socks are evil. There is nothing as damn boring as sorting socks after having done the laundry. It should be easy to identify sock “a” and sock “b” – they should be identical. They are not. One is on the right side, one is turned left. For some no twin at all is to be found: The single sock quota is increasing after any washing. And there are not similar leftovers – they look very different in colour and texture: it is nearly unthinkable to have put the missing sock into a wrong combination. It is simply gone. To the sockyard.
On the other hand the amount of similar looking socks is alarming. They tend to blur into an amorphous mass of greyish-bluish textile fibre, irregular, demanding … If I had the money I’d buy say twenty pair either all identical, so that it is no difference what you put on what foot because it’s all the same; or all of different and strong colour, vive la differance!
Nevertheless I have to deal with the leftover singles and I mingle them together randomly – let’s see when I’ll pick that pair by chance: Will it fit slightly to the suit? Nobody notices anyway.