Yesterday I was preparing a fabulous meal in the kitchen of a friend in this house. You know that this is an eight storey building where nearly hundred people are living, and there is a lot of fluctuation because of students moving in and out. But the people who life longer here sooner or later know each other and, yes, take care a bit. So I was not surprised when an elder lady rung the bell, she is living on the second and my friend now and then runs an errand for her. But she made my friend follow her outside in the corridor, and seemed a bit upset.
What had happened was, that the old lady on returning home accidentally had a look at her door and door frame. She noticed a small mark on it: Thin line by ballpoint in blue – the doorframes are in a light greyish-bluish mix, so you see it at one glance when you know where to look. She checked her floor, and found any door marked, in fact all doors throughout the whole house had received a sign. The appartement manager had not noticed it before and started to clean the door frames later when he was told about it.
What freaked the old lady out was the fact, that she was the only one who had a kind of special mark on her door frame, like singling or sorting her out.
Now we all have are looking around and wondering what this is all good for. I really thought that Gaunerzinken are out of use these days!

The Scot

Mr. Knudsen-sor tagged me: Old “meme-is-for-the-weak”-Knudsen came up with seven personal superstitions. He wants others to do the nasty, as bittersweet me, who seemingly ignored the insult, as did marky, and witchypoo. Ellie in turn wrote about her ex, bastard-face, what turned out to be an interesting socio-economic dense narration of irish life and times; Eddie Waring in turn confessed to an arse-fixation: Call this Brit in California a happy man, he always carries a part of his home with himself.
I once wrote down 8 uninteresting things about me and why not continue? I do not tag anybody else, if you like to let it all out, just do it.

Seven things about mago, or what mago thinks:
. I was baptized and that is it, no confirmation. I refused to do it.
II. The death-sentence is un-ethical. Nobody has a “right to kill”. No single person, no group, no state. There are crimes that make me wonder whether it is the right position, but after all, yes it is right: A state has not the right to take away the life of a human being. Full stop.
III. War is the organized destruction of human beings. Who ever uses this as a means of “politics” or as a means to earn money steps outside the civilzed community. Carla del Ponte was the only real man in Europe for the last ten years.
IV. The Balcans are no part of Europe. Somebody built a fence!
V. I once played pool in a certain state of mind. I knew what would happen on this table, I was one of the balls, it was one of the most strangest experiences of my life. It lasted for one frame, say 10 to 12 minutes and afterwards I couldn’t point a queue straight.
VI. I would like to meet Janwillem van de Wetering.
VII. The time-machine would have to beam me right to Prague 1590. One way ticket please. 20 golden years at the Emperor’s, then move to Wolfenbuettel, starting at the library …