30 years ago I was a pupil. Terrorists killed a lot of people, later in the year some terrorist killed themselves in Stammheim. Among them Ulrike Meinhof, who was a integre person.

With these murders my own political consciousness began, you had to be interested in politics from this point on: Politics was no more a strange and far-away “thing” – it was and is here, now and the State is something you feel.

What I remember most is the agony in the harvest. In fall, with all these people dead, it was like something absolutly new, unknown, groundless … “Die bleierne Zeit”, “time of lead”, but that came later.
At school we were discussing what it all was about. As a result I started to read the anarchists, others turned to Marx and his denominations. Later, as a student, I met some people my age or a little older, that were prohibited to work in their professions, because they were members of so-called “staatsgefährdende” parties.

From this time on I was interested in the State. I saw the formation of the green movement and how it fell prey to some politicos – oh yes, they became gouvernmental party. And there are still some people with a green jacket, that have functions – and there is a real big part of fat, foul and stinking bastards that jumped the waggon and “made it”. They eat their pensions in Tuscany … I hope they rot away; it is a history of betrayal …
But before this all could happen some american soldiers had to die in an accident (on the Waldheide) near Heilbronn, the suebian “city” I had to live in in these days.

What makes me write this: 30 years ago a murderous fight started in this country and it affected the society I was born into and I grew up in, deeply. It affected a lot of people my age, my generation.
I use no TV (jaja P.), but I had to learn via web, that the son of one of the killed and one of the terrorists sat in a “talk-show” some evenings ago – they obviously “talked” right to the walls and not to each others …

I do not know, whether you can imagine, how obscene this is to me. A TV-talk – that is what comes out of all the murder, the rebellion, the reaction …

What happened?

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