Brain Bubble

The promised rain (and the promised drop in temperatures) just evaporated. Instead it became hotter, the “official” weather thingy says 34° C for today & tomorrow, my appartement says 27° C a few minutes ago. Maybe the sauna starts on Frayday, or maybe not.
My phone made squeaky sounds and demanded an update, finally I gave in – and watched my “data volume” vanish in the haze (purple haze ?), including a warning that things would soon be very slow. I use this apparatus only for phoning, not for internet access, the occasional photographic picture, sometimes sent. I am not in the mood to check my contract, yadayada … may they do what they want.
My brain is seemingly half shut down, now and then a thought bubbles to the surface. Some thoughts circled around those Unknown Areal Phenomena, that’s how UFOs are called nowadays. Obviously there are objects that do strange things on the fly. Objects, things, they are, simply because they reflect whatever radar beams we send out. Pilots watched these objects, and could not get their heads around what they saw. Now it seems that the USNavy seriously starts to investigate what is out there.
I do not think that we see extraterrestrial objects. I think VALLÉE (Ger., Eng.) was the first (I may be wrong) who came up with the interdimensional hypothesis (Eng.). It says in short that these objects are not from “outside” but from a terrestrial origin.
Life seems to be anywhere in the universe. I read that physicists came to the conclusion that we live in a more than four-dimensional space (height, length, depth ; time – of course in my layman’s understanding). If these two things are true, then there is life in other dimensions. And these are everywhere, Earth including.
I have no clue how life may look in a more-dimensional space, but it must be there. And it must be all around us. Maybe these unknown objects are just probes, explorers ? Or the damning enterprise of a multi-dimensional salesman like Musk, who sends adventure seeking billionaires to the “unknown place”, to visit the apes ?
I never saw an UFO, and am not keen to encounter one. As a young child I may have felt the “presence” of “something“, but these are very faded memories I surely can not recall, and do not want. I watch the moon storm up to its zenith, and that does it for me. A little bit of sleep would be nice also.


Ride’n Burp

“When you stand in front of the entrance, go to the right corner, and then to the second window – knock there. Come at 12:00.”
I stood, went, and knocked.
“We need that plastic card, thank you. Wait here. You will be called. Then go two windows down. Yeah, we do it McDonnel’s style here.”
I took my plastic card back, waited, and after a few minutes I heard the typical sound of a plastic shutter being pulled up. A window was opened. The lady inside gesticulated at me, “please move up”.
“Ah Herr Mago. Please take off the mask.” “Where will you insert the thing – nose or mouth ?” “Just mouth – open wide please. Yes, it needs to twitch – it twitched, thank you. Results tomorrow, phone in in the late morning, please.” “Thank you, doctor.”
In the eighties the “test you definitely want to fail” was the AIDS test. In these days it is the test for corona virus – I definitely do not want to carry that thing around. And because a) last week (I think) our father of the country (and possibly next chancellor) said that any Bavarian (Franconians included) shall have the possibility to test for the virus, because b) it is free & payed for by the health insurance, finally because c) I felt pretty lousy over the weekend and was nagged & pushed all of a sudden became responsible and grown up, I phoned my GP yesterday and asked.
I definitely do not want to be a “spreader”.


Yesterday’s drive had it all. In the morning I noticed that in the first village I have to visit, preparations for some kind of roadworks were made. I asked the mother of the boy I pick up there about this. She said that nobody knows something for sure ; it may start end of the month. But she could show me the detour in the afternoon – a bit difficult to explain with all those small roads. She would drive in front of me, I just need to follow. I accepted.
They started their works Monday midday, guerrilla tactics perhaps, because in the late afternoon, when I deliver my kids back to home, all had changed. They did not dig an innocent hole in the road, far from it – they started in the middle of the village and from there ripped out the tarmac for at least three kilometers outside the settlement, of course exactly the road I regularily have to use. So in the afternoon I needed someone to show me the way.
I already had gone lost in the Suebian wilderness some months ago (while I had the nazi trulla with me) caused by another detour, they simply had forgotten (or not cared to) to put up enough signs : I ended up nowhere & it took me ages to find my way back.
But this time I just needed to follow a little red car, driven by an experienced rally driver. And while I tried not to ditch the vehicle, and avoided collisions with enthusiastic local rally talents, all of a sudden my co-driver said, with a little panic in her voice, that I should stop. Now. Because the little boy behind me was acting strange.
I could not stop, because I had to follow the little red dot on the horizon. I stopped when we reached civilisation again, turned around in my seat, and saw the boy staring into the big nothing, some distant galaxy to his left, upwards. No reactions. I thought he had a kind of bout, I saw this before – and I have to confess that it made me angry at first. Because this is an important information I need to know about a kid, and – as I may already have mentioned here – we need to have emergency medication and, most important, clear instructions. This boy is earmarked as not in danger of seizures of any kind.
By this time my co-driver nearly freaked out, she never had wittnessed something like that before, interestingly despite the fact that she has many more years of practice in this job than me.
I got out, opened the slide door, and looked at him trying to come to a decision. All of a sudden he let out a giant burp, and some small amount of yellow matter fell on his t-shirt. He turned to his right, looked at me & said “Heimi” – yeah, darling home we go !
I knew that we were close to his home, so when he showed reactions I deceided to head to his place (and not to call emergency service) ; I put some local rally talents to shame in doing so.
When we arrived he was talking, or better : reacting again, and uncoordinated in his movements. When I had taken him over at the institution, he had been his usual bubbly self. Just with wet hands. His absence had lasted for approximately six or seven minutes. When he finally stood in his parent’s driveway, at his father’s hand, he was not able to keep posture.
It took me a little until the penny dropped : Do you want to suggest something ?


It is really mean. There one has a large library at hand, a stone’s throw away, but one can not use it. Especially one can not use the computers in the hall that give access to the licensed magazines, like for example the New Scientist (Ger., Eng., website). I want to read this article in full. It is either something like a hoax, or all those ideas about “the mirror”, the opposite world, are not so baseless as we thought. Maybe all moves in circles, or like a spiral ; birth and death as passages, Janus-faced, bi-visaged.
But I am a scientific layman, and easily impressed.