Another weekend, another wedding. Must be a virus going ’round …
Just at home from the reception, sleeping off the champagne for an hour, then to the italian chef, hmhm one may look forward to some cooking event here, the guy has some reputation.


Birds dreaming

Tired I sit at the desk. I came back here early in the morning at 5 from a wedding. It took place in Franfurt a.M. and was the most peaceful, harmonic and friendly example of his kind I attend so far. The church was full and the catholic mass was impressive on me, but I know not exactly whether it was the catholic in it or the non-protestant.
The following welcome was nice and later family and friends gathered in a hotel. A friendly location not too large with good food and service. Speeches were given, relatives of both bride and groom singing songs mildly poking fun, later dancing. A peaceful atmosphere, no quarrelling, no drunk cousin … The bridal pair in its late forties with the guests in the same range of age it was a very homogen group. It was easy to have conversations with strangers. I was at weddings in my own family and from friends 20 years younger that turned into desasters, I am sure anyone can tell stories about such events. But when you are of a certain age, have functioning families and enough money to care for the fitting surroundings it does not have to.
From two o’clock on the audience thinned out, we sat for a quiet chat. Later I drove home via the empty autobahn, right into the morning through the blue hour between roughly 4 and 5 and when I arrived the birds had their full morning-conversations on – what do they have to talk about early in the morning? Are they all repeating their dreams to each others?