Wanna WIG?

It must have been an impressive and frightening image when the Caspean Sea Monster took its maiden-flight on 18th of October 1966, when all eight (!) Dobryin VD-17 turbojets went full thrust and pushed the 500 tons-plus mighty boat ahead just some meters above sealevel in thundering glory. Besides the monster even the modern Orlyonok A90.125 looks (relatively) small, a troup carrier now out of service rusting and falling apart in Kaspiisk Naval Air Base*.

Yes, I talk about boats, ekranoplanes. WIG stands for “Wing in Ground-effect” and what we have here are boats with wings that lift themselves out of the water and travel on an air cushion. I found the WIG-page and it fascinates me. And because it is time for a new catch of the week … Enjoy, and have a look at the historical footage!

*Scroll down to Caspian Flotilla.