Sunday Music, kinda …

Technically speaking it’s Tuesday evening, but mere minor technicalities should not be allowed to have such an impact, f.e. interrupting the ongoing Sunday Music series, no they shouldn’t.
This weekend was great – I did nothing. Sunday night I watched gentle snow flakes fall, and yesterday morning I drove through a beautiful winter landscape. Later in the day I had to see my doctor, and as a result I was treated with sharp instruments today – and even forbidden to have a breakfast ! So I crawled back into my cave like a waidwundes Tier, to rest and lick my wounds. But I do not want to bore you stiff with tales of my suffering, ha !
Here is some belated Sunday Music. It starts as a rather plain note-to-note-cover of Knock On Wood by Eddie FLOYD (1966), but – give Jerry HANSEN & The Ramblers Dance Band a chance : Ghana’s finest make their own music, sorry that it cuts out so sharply.
I hope you like the music, I wish the rest of the week is a bit easier & un-hectic.



Bah !

I do know that I’m not photogenic, so as any slightly vain and self-conscious person I avoid to be photographed in public. Especially on “occasions” like a reception or a convention – as if I would attend such “occasions” on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis !
The last time I attended an official event it became a kind of game between me and the photo snapper of the village gazette. I did not wear insignia or badges, as most of the grey-haired gentlemen attending did, but only a small button on the right side of my jacket, and stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. Instinctively I always found something interesting to look at when the click-machine was turned at me, usually it involved to move the head behind one of those grey-haired skulls. I think I got out un-clicked. I am not as good as an old school-friend, who managed to vanish even from the obligatory class-photo …
But what the Bavarian police sent to me today in a letter is a plain insult.
Yes, it was taken on a whim, spontaneous, and on the go, one could even call it action-photography, not carefully lighted in a warm studio against black background. The chiseled lines of my significant face blur into an amorphic grey mass against a more or less black “background” – sfumato ? Grisaille ? Or incompetence, after all ?
Anyway, it’s just a lump on 6,7 x 5 cm. And they even demand me to pay 25 € for this !
Really, this inspector should put a little more care & effort in his work !

C & H

18th of November 1985 – a remarkable day : Bill WATTERSONs (Ger., Eng.) Calvin and Hobbes (Ger., Eng.) is published for the first time, the series will be running for ten glorious years.
I especially enjoy the snowmen and WATTERSONs trees in general. Here is a link to a “C&H 30th Anniversary Quiz“, the basic edition, here are a more “challenging“, and a damn difficult version. For my daily dose of Calvin & Hobbes I visit this site, for years now : Looking at Calvin & Hobbes (and some other comics) is an important part of the morning routine.
Glad that Dad did not get this dachshund …

Mom: You’re not sorry we had Calvin, are you?
Dad: Are you?
Mom: I asked first. Besides, it wasn’t all my decision.
Dad: All I know is, I offered to buy us a dachshund, but no, you said …

Calvinball rules, and large cardboard boxes are the entrance to worlds and dimensions still unseen and undiscovered. Perhaps I will present myself with one of the books for Christmas.
I want a tuna sandwich now.

Sunday Music

Sorry, I do not have much to say on this grey Sunday.
This song doesn’t want to leave my head, so I put it here : Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth, 1967, written by Stephen STILLS.
Let’s see what next week will bring.