Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Finally rain in Franconia – endlich ! I encountered a nice thunderstorm yesterday afternoon while standing on a parking lot next to Solothurn mainstation – delivered, but not fetched. I must have lead the rain from this place to here, my fellow Franconians should erect at least one monument for me.
Now let us listen to some relaxing music : Konstantin SCHERBAKOV (bio) plays from RESPIGHIs (1879-1936) (Ger., Eng.) Ancient Airs and Dances piece number 3 Notturno.
I hope you enjoy the music. May it be a peaceful week for all of us.



Sol Invictus

Baked birds fall from the sky. I mean, they could, just a little more heat, and – splat ! Nothing moves. All is silent. No man made sounds : No cars in the village street, no trains rumbling by in the distance, no aeroplanes scratching the sky, no emergency helicopters ; no one going out with the dog, or hanging around the village puddle – not even the always reliable do-it-yerself-idiot-with-the-hammer, usually a trusted source of noise, especially on Sunday afternoons or any day’s evenings – no : Nothing.
Just heat. Pan sleeps, too knackered from nymph hunting. If this is good enough for the old semi-goat, is is good enough for me.

Book Pile

In the ongoing, never ending, futile fight to bring order to the anarchic heaps of written materials that surround me, another pile of books read over the last months.

SCHNEIDER, WOlf : Wir Neandertaler. Der abenteuerliche Aufstieg des Menschengeschlechts. 1. Aufl. Hamburg 1988
A history of mankind from the African savannah to modern destroyer of worlds. SCHNEIDER (Ger., Eng.) (born 1925) was the first director (1979) of the newly found Hamburg school of journalism (Ger., Eng.). He should know some things about the German language and its use. Nice essay.

FONTANE, Theodor : Autobiographische Schriften. Band II : Von Zwanzig bis Dreißig. 1. Aufl. Berlin und Weimar 1982. Bearbeiter Peter GOLDAMMER.
FONTANE (1819-1898) (Ger., Eng.) is an important German writer of the 19th century. I personally believe that he is one of the most important stylists we ever had, while other people think he is the most boring writer the earth has seen ever. His autobiography is amusing, and relentless. I like it very much.
GOLDAMMER is known as editor of the works of FONTANE and STORM, he worked for the Aufbau Verlag in East Berlin. Sadly I could not find more about him.

SCHAUER, Georg Kurt : Der wohltemperierte Leser. Zehn Plaudereien über die Kunst des Lesens. Frankfurt/Main 1964/65
This book is a present the Linotype GmbH gives to business associates as a “Jahresgabe”. Of course they do this to show and present their capabilities, hence the little book is technically excellent : Good paper, good print, good binding, really done well.
SCHAUER (1899-1984) (Ger.) was a book historian, and had a small publishing house specialised on “good books”, Buchkunst. He worked free lance for Klingspor, Linotype etc. Here are ten little causeries about reading a book. Doesn’t get more bookish artsy, and West German …

Geschichten vom Buch. Eine Sammlung von Klaus SCHÖFFLING. 1. Aufl. Frankfurt/Main 1985 (insel taschenbuch 722)
A small anthology about the book, containing texts from ADORNO to ZWEIG, from 18th century to modern authors – a nice little read. SCHÖFFLING may be in possession of a book, or two.

KELLER, Christoph : Der Schädelvermesser. Otto SCHLAGINHAUFEN – Anthropologe und Rassenhygieniker. Eine biographische Reportage. Zürich 1995
SCHLAGINHAUFEN (1879-1973) (Ger.) is a Swiss anthropologist who spent his whole life in meassuring skulls. Skulls of people in German Asian colonies, and skulls of Swiss soldiers, conscripts, so he had constant ordnance … He believes in the difference of races and its measurability. “Race hygiene” must be based on statistics and numbers, first of all a proper survey, an inventory, must be compiled. He does this for Switzerland. Unmoved by anything that happens around him – concentration camps, “Rassenhygiene” at work with thousands forced sterilised etcetcetc – SCHLAGINHAUFEN just carries on. He kills no one, he commits no crime, but he is a monstruous manifestation of “science” without consciousness.
KELLER (Ger.) is a Swiss journalist.

ORZECHOWSKY, Peter : Schwarze Magie – Braune Macht. Ravensburg ohne Jahr (1991)
A strange book. Somehow not finished, at some passage the author hints at a second, another, or a following book – but I think there never was an additional part published. The whole endeavour, to investigate whether somewhere in the history of nazism evidence for black magical activity can be found, is a bit bonkers, but the author checks out what can be checked out, and of course there is no proof. He relies, at least for my taste, a bit too much on not too reliable source materials, but does it make a difference ?
I could find nothing else about the author.

DEUEL, Leo : Heinrich SCHLIEMANN. Eine Biographie. Hamburg 1993. Translated by Gertrud BARUCH. (zuerst : Memoirs of Heinrich SCHLIEMANN, NewYork 1977)
Goodness, what a guy ! International business tycoon with interests from Russia to Cuba, decides to solve some problems of the classic periode in Greece – at least that is what SCHLIEMANN publicly advertises. He definitely was a successfull business man on various continents, but was the “problem” of the localisation of Troy (Ger., Eng.) really that burning question for Heinrich ? One could suspect that the question for him was more how to gain maximum fame after death …
The way he dug was even among his contemporaries disputed ; one can be happy that the steam driven excavator was not yet invented, SCHLIEMANN would have ripped it all even more apart than he already did. But at least he learned – he learned through his whole life. He was no scientist, and hence always looked down his nose at trained archeologists, philologists too. According to him he was always right – he died a happy man.
Sadly I could not find more about Leo DEUEL.

WEBER, Hermann : LENIN in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten. Reinbek bei Hamburg 1970 (rowohlts monographien 168)
Biography of LENIN with personal testimonials, private pictures. Interesting man. Did you know that LENIN bathed in the Spree daily when he was in Berlin ?

MAUTNER, Franz H. : NESTROY. 1. Aufl. Frankfurt/Main 1978 (suhrkamp taschenbuch 465)
Who is NESTROY (Ger., Eng.) ? Johann NESTROY (1801-1862) was an Austrian singer, actor, playwright. Largely forgotten after his death, MAUTNER re-discovered the author. This book is the sum of his life long preoccupation with NESTROYs biography, his writings, plays etc. NESTROY is a notorious language gamer (“Sprachspieler”), who uses not only strange, newly invented words, but also dialect & sociolect, so that his wit is not jumping in the face of the audience 150 years later. Nevertheless he is still played today. Austrians …

HOLL, Friedrich ; STECKBAUER, Erwin : Glas in der Geschichte und in unserer Bayerischen Heimat. Teil 1 : Uranfang, Überlieferung, Berichte. 1. Aufl. Zwiesel 1976 (Schriftenreihe des Waldmuseums Zwiesel)
As the title says, the history of glass, especialy glass in Bavaria. Informative, some nice photographs. I’d like to have part two too. Sadly I could find no more information on the authors, STECKBAUER seems to have played a role in the folklore of the Bavarian forest.

That’s it. Maybe you find something interesting. Now I have a little more space on the desk.

Sunday Music, Monday Edition

That a man can sleep so much … obviously it was needed. Now it is time to turn the attention towards the desk, and all that stuff piling up. The appartement could use some hoovering, all this laundry should be folded and put into the cupboard, to buy some food would be a good idea – the moment one wakes up, one is surrounded by duties.
But I’m alive. So without further wittering I am Alive by Spooky Tooth (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music – may we all have a relaxed week.