A Book Catalogue

REICKE, Emil : Magister und Scholaren. Illustrierte Geschichte des Unterrichtswesens. 3. Nachdruckauflage 1979 (zuerst : Leipzig 1901)
A learned history of education through the centuries in Europe. REICkE (1865-1950) (Dt.Bio.) came from an intellectual home in Königsberg, his father was a historian and acknowledged Kant researcher. One brother was chief librarian in Göttingen, while Emil worked and lived in Nürnberg as historian & archivist. Nicely done book, well illustrated.

KOLLNIG, Karl : Kurpfalz. Ereignisse und Gestalten. Heidelberg 1986
This not an extensive history of the Kurpfalz (Ger., Eng.), but a collection of small articles by the historian etc. KOLLNIG (1910-2003) (about). Interesting too for the history of my field, Volkskunde, strange to see what survives.

GERNHARDT, Robert : Die Magadaskar-Reise. Ein Bericht. 1. Auflage Oktober 1980
Even GERNHARDTs (1937-2006) (Ger., Eng.) bored scribble is worth to be collected, printed, and published. People like me buy it then.

KUHLMANN-HODICK, Petra ; VALTER, Claudia (Hgg.) : “… ein Land der Verheißung”. Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld zeichnet Italien. Dresden 2001
Excellent catalogue of the drawings Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1872) (Ger., Eng.) made in Italy. They were shown Mai to August 2000 in Munich, and January to April 2001 in Dresden.
Aside : It is terrible when authors or editors start the title of a book with three points, Auslassungszeichen or ellipsis (Ger., Eng.), or with Anführungszeichen or quotation marks (Ger., Eng.). It should qualify for capital punishment when both are combined.

BILL BRANDT : Behind The Camera. Photographs 1928-1983. Introduction by Mark HAWORTH-BOOTH, essay by David MELLOR. NewYork 1985
Another catalogue, Philadelphia 1985. BRANDT (1904-1983) (moma, Ger., Eng.) is a master, I do like the rich, even very hard contrast in his pictures.

LINDNER, Manfred (Hg.) : PETRA und das Königreich der Nabatäer. Lebensraum, Geschichte und Kultur eines arabischen Volkes der Antike. 3. erweiterte und verbesserte Auflage, München 1980
I think this is the first modern history of the Nabatæans (Ger., Eng.), at least in German. The Petra in the title is not our Danish friend, but a place in Jordan (Ger., Eng.). LINDNER (1918-2007) (Ger. only) is a neurologist by profession, not an archeologist. Nevertheless he started to research Petra in the early 1960s, and brought together the very first exhibition about this place and the Nabatæan kingdom in 1970. Interesting tome with various esays about different aspects, among others the goods that were merchandised there like incense, myrrh, balsam.

MRUSEK, Hans-Joachim : Romanik. 4. erweiterte Auflage, Leipzig 1991
Informative essay with circa 200 high quality pictures of buildings, good print. MRUSEK (1920-1994) (Ger. only) was since 1963 professor and director of the institute for art history at the university Halle. He was especially interested in medieval secular buildings.

I feel too tired, and a bit bored, to go on. How does the reader feel ? I am sorry to put your loyalty under such stress, last remaining visitor, but there are seven titles left & I will write that list tomorrow. Now I need a round of bubble-shooter or something similar exciting !

Just So

It seems endless. With the norable exception of a few days spent in Suebia actually living, it starts to feel like an endless drag, just without the funny clothes (sorry for the bad pun).
One of the main daily tasks is to get out of bed, collect meself together, and try to get something done. At least I vegetate in a clean appartement – they were not dust bunnies, but dust cats ! – and vinegar cleans anything. The weather is un-inviting, so stepping outside is restricted to, or better : connected to, doing something useful, like a walk and some errands. Meanwhile I know the prefab food in the local supperette backwards.
I think I am not the only one who slowly shows signs of crumbling. I have the impression that people are nowadays more prone to altercacions, or arguments, than usual, about petty nullities, on the parking lot between stangers, on the house’s floor between neighbours. But really remarkable is the silence, all over.
The numbers do not really go down, it always lingers around one thousand dead humans a day, around twenty thousand newly infected a day. In the end it all comes down to endurance.
Tomorrow I have to buy new masks, from next Moday on socalled FFP-2-masks are mandatory in Bavaria ; those I have already used are very good, much better than simple “OP-Masken”, single use chirurgical face masks, the run-of-the-mill equipment. I used a FFP-2-mask when travelling, and at one point I had to take it off to wipe my nose. Only then I noticed the metallic smell of the heating I happily had put my cold feet on, so yes, if you make it fit well, such a mask works well.
The ugly beard is gone – it was white ! – but I do not like what I see in the mirror : Too fat, too large brownish bags under the eyes, too lethargic. I hate to yammer around, but at the moment it feels diffult not to, sorry for the whimper fest.
As excuse I can offer Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (King Crimson 1972), if you like.

Sunday Music

Today for the first time in ages, at least it feels so, a big yellow light appeared in the sky ! Sol invictus greeted us, with wonderful light only, sadly not with warmth, the mercury barely rose above zero point. It will be a freezing night too, a notably dark & freezing night, not one single cloud appeared pretending to work as duvet. When an unlucky soul stands outside and looks up, he, she or it must be shattered by the fulgurant insight that there is nothing between himself and the next star, just coldblack emptyness.
Let’s go inside and listen to some music : From the album Two Jims And Zoot (1964) (Eng.) we hear All Across the City. I hope you like the music. May we face a peaceful week.