Shut Up, John – It Makes No Difference

Out comes a new book about Donnie ROTTEN, but it brings nothing really new, as it seems. Who is in command of a not entirely Zombie like brain, and watched what Donnie ROTTEN and his gang pulled off over the last years, is not surprised about those “disclosures”. If the author, who calls himself a “patriot”, would be a man, he would have dragged his sorry arse to the impeachment panel and put an end to scum’s rule of Donnie ROTTEN & his outfit of greedy pigs – but he chose not to.
Maybe this is how it is meant to be. After all a democracy lives from the people’s vote – even when one ruling party does everything to make the democratic act for parts of the population as difficult as possible, and in doing so, actively obstructs the democratic system, obviously in order to stabilise and conserve the rule of a mob that sells self-enrichment as welfare policy.
The whole system, the state, the society, has only a chance to survive when a change comes from within, when the souvereign, id est the American people, puts an end to the farce by legal means, which is by ballot. Notorious idiots – and there are quiet a few armed dipshits around – phantasise about “solutions” by bullet, these are those deplorables who think they can shoot a virus.
And Donnie ROTTEN himself ? Is nowadays unable to grab a glass of water, and must be lead from the stage after the gig. The man is a gabbling idiot, who can not finish one damn sentence properly. I read excerpts from his “interview” with a Goebbels-scholar from the propaganda outfit, and it really astounded me (again) how uninformed Donnie ROTTEN actually is, and how unable he is to form a thought, follow and express it. It all ends in nirvana. I already said it, I repeat it : Donnie ROTTEN suffers from a not properly treated, and / or healed up form of (neuro-)syphilis. Soon the symptoms will not be ignorable anymore, even for the most spineless, bootlicking Republican.
It is possible that the world will face the really disturbing situation in November that – with the little help of some foreign friends – Donnie ROTTEN is declared winner of the election, and an undeniably crumbling, braindead zombie just keeps sitting in the White House. If this happens (and frankly, I am not convinced that it is impossible), then there will be a new world order without the US – that happily and voluntarily dwarfed herself into a corrupt banana republic run by an inbred riffraff of imbeciles. Was fallen will, das falle.

Heck, Yeah

Just when you think it’s okay to switch on the news again …
I could not watch the every day “briefings” in the White House, simply because after two minutes latest the feeling of Fremdscham (Eng.) became overwhelming. Maybe I should rethink. Never thought that I’d say this about this President of the USA, frankly.
Normally I go with the roundup at CNN (usually titled The 20 Wildest Lines, or similar), but today’s news made me look. I really thought it would have escaped from a satire site, but obviously, no. Disinfecting with light is nothing new, but “to bring it into people” is definitely a new & ground braking approach. Maybe we all should suck on some uv-lamps. Better gulp it down and shine from within.
And then there’s the alcohol. Finally something I can relate to. Our trusted Franconian disinfectant is Sylvaner, and boy, we can use it ! But injecting ?
Mankind injected a lot of things over the last maybe 150 years, I do not know since when modern needles were produced. But I guess the common consensus is that injecting “for cleansing” is not necessarily good, unrewarding. Where’s the high in that ? Take advice from a man who knows (play it loud, raw & unwashed) :

I guess I have to rethink my attitude towards Mr TRUMP. Having watched his last happening, I think it is adequate to speak about him as the Greatest Living Performance Artist. He’s better than his friend & fan Kanye WEST ; forget ABRAMOVIC (Ger., Eng.) and Co, who still wrestle with old concepts of “meaning” or “sense” in any way : TRUMP easily transcends this, is the pure moment, and whatever comes a-way, the real Steppenwolf.
Excuse me now, I have to disinfect.

Suicide & Binnenexotik

The fat moon stares at me. He looks a bit like Charlie Brown. Soon he will follow his course to the right and vanish behind the house. I am sure to see moon shadows later in the evening.
In the following meandering babble I will mention some obscure, macabre, and disgusting things, so if this evokes the danger of triggering something un-wanted in you, dear reader, just skip now. Thank you.


I read an interesting book about suicide by M. Georges MINOIS : Geschichte des Sebstmords, Düsseldorf Zürich 1996 (first : Histoire du suicide, Paris 1995), and as it is with books, one always finds strange things that need further investigation. In the end it may be curiosity alone that makes us devote ourselves to what is called history. I am not free from this sin.
But what is history else but lived human life ? Homo sapiens sapiens is us, and those who served in the Roman legiones, or lived in the Keltic cities called oppida, the Ancient Greek and their strange invaders (once called “Seevölker”) are not different from the inhabitants of Classic Rome, Renaissance Rome, modern Rome or any other specimen of mankind on this planet.
But we may look at other cultural environments and find them strange – I think the most common descriptor was or is “exotic”. In fact, we are the exotic too. Not only for a visitor from another continent, but for ourselves, when we are confronted with the practices & ideas of those we call forefathers. The fabric, the weave of values, and hence the way we act, in accord with the resulting set of norms, or in dis-accord with, changes.
History is about change (what a banal truism), and if it teaches something, it may teach respect. I am generally sceptical about this idea of “learning from history”, simply because in my understanding a group – call it population or nation – or a set of groups we call society, does not learn. Individuals learn. They may make a difference at times. But it is undeniable that societies change, and have different attitudes to certain things, for example suicide, different from how they judged the same thing one or two generations ago. I still call all this Geistesgeschichte, outing meself as boneheaded conservative unmoved from more or less new changes in the science’ attitude. In fact I am a Volkskundler by trade, so by other people’s definition undeniably, a rotten reactionary.
But I digress. I think it is called “going down the rabbit hole”, years ago an old lady who lived near the Great Lakes introduced me to this formulation.
The discussion about suicide in the end boils down to two positions. Those who definitely refuse the praxis, those who allow it either generally or under circumstances. The arguments & used examples basically stay the same over centuries, the value judgements change. And MINOIS describes this European discussion from the middle ages to the end of the 19th century.
It has a juridical dimension of course. If killing oneself is a crime against the Christian order or the order of the Christian state, the authority must act : A crime needs to be prosecuted, fiat iustitia. This explains why suicidal corpses were punished. Usually by dragging the cadaver face-down through the streets to the gallows where they would be hanged by their feet and left to rot. If they were not thrown on the Schindanger, they were buried at night, preferably (face down ?) with a nice solid stake through the thorax.
This was practice through Early Modern times in Europe.
It is of note that, of course, there were a lot of exceptions. This would not happen to a gentleman of the Last Guinea Club (don’t know if this works for you, try this), or a French notable, but likely to the corpse of a peasant, the plebs. On judicial order.
Maybe a shortage of judges explains what MINOIS mentions on page 410 of his book :
“In the Bretagne alone one counts more lawsuits against corpses than in those regions Albert BAYET investigated : Twenty versus eighteen, the half of them ended with the corpse’s execution. At the start of the Revolution a salted corpse was found in Quimper waiting for its execution for five or six years, in Saint-Malo around twenty“.
(Minois cites CORRE & Aubry : Documents de criminologie retrospective (Bretagne, XVII-XVIII siecle), Paris 1895, p. 378. He mentions A. BAYET : Le suicide et la morale, Paris 1922.)
I know that the Middle Ages and the Baroque were not too delicate in handling dead bodies. Always remember that (the later Saint) Thomas Aquinas was cooked to remove his (fat) flesh from the bones that were kept as venerable relics. One could say they whirlpooled him. A not uncommon practice, especially in the hot South. I think some noblemen who died on the crusades were kept in honey while transported back home for the funeral. But to keep more than twenty brined corpses in storage just for further mutilation seems to be a bit macabre. I wonder how this happened practically ? Did they have a special shed at the hotel de ville, preferably in the basement ? What sad bastid held the maintenance job ? Someone had to refill the salt.
Unsurprisingly MINOIS mentions DEFOEs Journal of the Plague Years (1665), because in times of widespread death Hamlet’s question can come unpleasantly close. This interesting book that one could call the first modern novel, inspired a great, moving, animated short film titled The Periwig Maker (Ger., Eng., viewpure).
And so the circle of this ramble is closed – a little red haired girl features prominently in this picture, unnamed and venerated from afar by the wig maker, just like Charlie Brown will do a little later. It seems to be the little redhead’s fate through centuries to show just up, and then go away, silent and anonymously.

Ah, what ?

Excuse me please, I may be rambling. It may be a combination of too much “empty” time, a working internet connection, and – ?
I do not know. The pleasure of looking at train wrecks ?
As you know venerated reader, I am “mathematically challenged”, what simply means that I can not “read” numbers. Of curse I read them, I recognise a “1”, and can translate it to “one”, like in “one finger”. But when I am confronted with large set of numbers, I become more or less, helpless.
Anyway, I read an interesting article (here, in German only, sorry) that says that there is a connection between the total number of corona infected people, and the number of people who died from corona. Of course, you may say, that is old news, a certain percentage of infected humans die. But given all the un-certainties about the “total” number of “infected people” (testing !) we can not state the number of those who will certainly die. If you look at the statistics, the numbers on a daily basis vary stark.
The virus has a long incubation time, up to two weeks. So the number of those who die right now may actually reflect the number of those who were infected two weeks ago.
Excuse me please, I put this down in layman’s terms, but I think this is the essential.
This means, if I get it right, that the number of newly infected can tell us how many humans will die in circa ten to twelve days ahead.
If this is correct, it would explain why the leading head of the German agency where all the data are collected and things come together, said that we may have reached some kind of plateau with the number of infected ; that in Germany the whole thing is far from over ; and that we will see a hefty increase in the need for intense care beds in the coming weeks – and we will see an increase of the death toll.
My question simply is, does someone publish charts on this basis somewhere ?
I looked, and found nothing. Of course this would be un-serious crystal ball gazing, but it could tell us what to expect, wouldn’t it ?
I may be totally wrong about all this. But if someone already does play around with data, it would also be nice to see some measurable effect of the social-distancing~ / shut-down~thing all together. I am sure that there is a positive effect, but can it be shown, please ?
That leaves me with the “train wreck” aspect I mentioned above. It is (no surprise here) what America does.
Germany quietly managed the intense-care-beds, and without much ado intensified the procurement or purchasing of badly needed stuff, like masks. There are reports I just could not believe when I read them first, some days ago, yesterday ? I do not know – time does not fly right now, it is a kind of maelstrom.
Anyway, there were reports of “Americans” throwing out hands of dollares to “people on the runway” to turn much needed (and in cases already payed for) materials towards other aeroplanes or what – it is all sinister. And I could not believe it, it resembles all too much an “Erzählmotiv” – a story constructed around / about motifs, here it would be the Yankee throwing out bundles of cash for getting, well, things. But there seems to be something to it. At least the Senat of Berlin – this little provincial town in Germany, you know – and French officials complaint about this. And “this” is pure thiefdom, pilferage, modern piracy, by individuals who seemingly claim to work for “Amurga”.
Startling is the fact that it really surprises nobody.
But this is just something one can expect. What one could not expect is the sheer fail [The headline is of course wrong : The virus did not rage – it rages !], the collaps of the Federal State. I realised yesterday, when I saw the visage of Mr Kushner show up in the daily shit show called “briefing”, that it is not about “help” in any way anymore (if ever, it was not), but about grabbing money. The only reason for this little creep to show up is that there is some absolutely immoral way to cash in, and be sure, he’ll find & use it.
But this is not what worries, this is not the train wreck I mentioned. The if not incestuous, but nepotistic “administration” of the little fuehrer just rattles on and on, and as he already stated, one hundred thousand deaths are a Good Job.
BUT : What the dear leader shows to every damn guv’nor, s/he be a member of the rotten party or not, is that there is nothing to expect from the federal gouvernement : “You need material, stuff, masks or machines – fuck you clown, go and buy it.”
“Yer people die, not my problem.”
If the orange abomination can say one word in any language, it is “I am not responsible”.
What we see is a terrible strengthening of all centrifugal forces in the already shaky construction of the “united” “states”. When this is over, and the dead will be counted, and the right heir of Mr Houston (still to be found) in Austin says “this was it”, this conglomerate of “states” shall never be the same. It is right now not “the same, as it ever was”. What you smell is the perfume of evaporating trust.
And trust is the only thing that keeps a human society together.
Call me an alarmist, a Depp, an un-informed foreigner, an arrogant European if you will. But you can not deny the danger of all this. The message goes not to some gun stroking guys around the camp fire in the woods, it goes right to any Capitol, fifty I think. It says clearly : Fuck You.
This damn virus does not only kill humans, it has the potential to lead to a melt down of an already divided, insecure, in-fighting society. Every already active fault line will be strengthened. It has the potential to kick over an already shaking state. Nothing will be the same after all this, there will be simply too many deaths to ignore. Even for the little fuehrer, if he will be still there.
And the next virus may be not so polite.
Sorry for the long blab. Strange times. “Worthless Clay“.