Cake for Scarlet

Ms Scarlet needs cake.

It is urgent. The poor darling was “schlepping about the house with an extension cable slung over my shoulder for the past week“. (source)

Be a blogging friend – show affection, put up a cake : Cake for Scarlet !


THEY’LL BE EATING OUT OF THE POM OF YOUR HAND! POMEGRANATE MOUSSE CAKE June 27, 2010 by Chef Dennis Littley 132 Comments A while ago I received a case of Pomegranate juice from the nice folks at POM Wonderful.   As I read through their website I discovered some very interesting facts about Pomegranate Juice, but what I didn’t expect to learn was that most Pomegranate juice drinks on the market are not created equal!! It seems the pomegranate / blueberry juice blend that I have been buying my wife has 0.3% Pomegranate Juice and only 0.2% Blueberry Juice.  I couldn’t understand how that could be possible, after all what I did read was the large print exclaiming “Pomegranate-Blueberry Juice”  for all the world to see and rejoice in its wonder!!!! But what I hadn’t noticed in almost negligible much smaller print below it was…..”flavored blend of 5 juices”……..sigh So after I admonished myself for being mislead once again by “The Man and Big Business” in my best Dennis Hopper voice (I don’t really  talk like that, it just seemed appropriate, unfortunately I strayed into a few lines from  Blue Velvet too, I’m so easily distracted….sigh). I read on.  After all Knowledge is Power!! Now I didn’t know if I should be mad at myself or that super huge manufacturer of fruit juices, but in all fairness, I decided I should have know better…..sigh……caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. So now as I read on it I found out that to get the equivalent of 16 ounces of Pomegranate Juice I would have to buy Ninety (90 , yes it’s not a misprint) 59 ounce bottles of that colored sugar waterother national brand!  WOW…….. If my wife had to drink that much juice, She would never leave the bathroom!I had been racking my brain trying to think of something really interesting to make with that wonderful pomegranate juice, there were of course so many obvious choices.  I thought marinades, dressings and sauces, oh my…….  Then of course the super obvious would be to make a dessert. But not being a very experienced baker, I thought this would be a challenge (having not gotten much sleep last night, my brain jumped at the super obvious). I started going through my cook books, I had already decided to make a cake, but I wanted it to be a little different (for me at least).  I finally found my inspiration In Baking by James Peterson .  Not a particular recipe but a mixture of a few, so lets begin my Pomegranate Mouse Cake! Fluffy Light Yellow Cake  by James Peterson, Baking

Fluffy Light Yellow Cake by James Peterson, Baking


Here is the link to the original post. Thanks to Chef Dennis – it is an emergency !

17 thoughts on “Cake for Scarlet

  1. Bring coffee here Ms Roses! Most of the rooms have electricity now… so we can make a day of it, cake, coffee, tea…. We could borrow the vodka fountain for the evening…

  2. The tank of the bus is full. I could make it for tomorrow evening … ach, ach und nochmal ach !
    And I would not mind to drip over an electricity cable !

  3. So now all we have to do is break into the Infomaniac Mansion and steal the Vodka fountain and the gincuzzi thingy…. then we can party all day. Ms Mistress is slumbering I can hear her breathy snores even from this great distance, so she won’t notice. We will have to see if we can rouse Mr Swings and Mr Devine, I will threaten them with my arse end pout if they don’t attend, that should shake ’em.

  4. Ooh, proper coffee -In a proper copper coffee pot? I’ll just get this laundry done and I’ll…oh! sod the bloody laundry!Budge up and let a Colonial cousin in!

  5. Bring the laundry…. my washing machine needs to be put to work after a week idling in the utility room…. we can steal MJ’s house boys as well whilst we’re at it.

  6. I made cake this morning. It was decorated with three different sorts of sweets and was stupendous. There will be plenty for everyone!

  7. Pomegranate just as I suspected, it does look nice, but what sort of torturer makes a cake using pomegranate, the most tasteless fruit on earth as a topping? Just a slither for me please.

  8. Your lovely “arse end of a scraggy tom cat”-pout surely works wonders MsScarlet !

    If you are lucky Dinahmow I can find the good coffee set and the gold-plated cake forks …

    BYOHb Scarlet dearest.
    BTW the poor sods over at MJ’s must be weak after all this neglect !

    Great Z – that’s the spirit !

    One can always have some gin in the dough, dearest Mitzi.
    What about a nice apple cake ?

    Isn’t it Norma ?! I was intensely searching the web for a minute before I found this splendid specimen.

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